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List of martini variations

Many variations exist on the standard martini.

  • A vodka martini (or vodkatini or kangaroo) is made the same way but with vodka instead of gin, and more often uses lemon rind as the garnish. This is the most common variation, and in fact is more popular than the original in most locations. It was made famous by the James Bond movies as James Bond's favorite beverage. He is known for requesting it "shaken, not stirred"
    • A Vesper martini is a variation also favored by James Bond, which is made with three measures of gin (Gordon's was Bond's preference), one measure of vodka (grain vodka is preferred), and half a measure of Kina Lillet aperitif, shaken until ice-cold, and with a large, thin slice of lemon peel for garnish
  • An in-and-out martini is a very dry gin martini prepared by pouring a small measure of vermouth into a shaker, shaking it to coat the ice, and then pouring out and disposing of any remaining vermouth. The standard amount of gin is then shaken over this vermouth-tinged ice and served normally. Former U.S. president Richard Nixon was said to favour this.
  • A perfect martini is technically one made with a mixture of equal parts dry and sweet vermouth, although in many bars the term is misused as a qualitative one.
  • A Churchill is made with dry gin, stirred, with an unopened bottle of vermouth waved above the shaker.
  • A Roosevelt is a regular martini, but with two olives for a garnish instead of one. Named for Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • An apple martini (also green apple martini, sour apple martini, or appletini) is a vodka martini with an apple flavoring such as apple schnapps, sometimes with apple, lemon or lime juice, and is often garnished with a slice of Granny Smith apple. Some people call this an "apple cosmopolitan".
  • A dirty martini has some of the brine (at least a teaspoon) from the olive jar added. (FDR was partial to a dirty martini.)
  • A Lychee Martini is made with Lichido liqueur , vodka and a dash of lime juice.
  • A naked martini is made without ice, but with the ingredients and glass chilled.
  • A sweet martini is made with sweet red vermouth, and may be garnished with a maraschino cherry instead of an olive.
  • A dry martini uses less dry vermouth than normal, perhaps a dash or lace of the glass.
  • A burnt martini (also smokey martini) uses scotch instead of vermouth, and can vary in flavour according to the attributes of the scotch used.
  • A sake martini substitutes a dry, clear sake for the vermouth.
  • A Buckeye is a standard dry martini garnished with a black olive instead of a green one.
  • A Gibson is a standard dry martini garnished with cocktail onions instead of olives.
  • An Okratini is a standard dry martini with a pickled okra garnish/swizzle stick
  • A Gibsontini is a standard dry martini garnished with an onion-stuffed olive.
  • A Spiceland is a standard dry martini garnished with garlic-stuffed olives.
  • A tequila martini (aka. Tequini) substitutes tequila for gin.
  • An akvavit martini substitutes akvavit for gin.
  • A martini con bloody huevos is a standard vodka martini in a frosted glass rimmed with chili-strawberry goo from a bag of chili-enmielado saladitos (dried salted plums) with two saladitos dropped in the martini.
  • A gin salad is made like the ordinary martini but with three olives and two cocktail onions as garnish.
    • Gin salad is also the term used to describe any martini that has an excess of garnish vegetables in it.
  • A Dickens martini is a traditional martini, alebeit one without any garnish. The name is a play on the title of the Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist (No Olive or Twist).
  • A Lemon martini is made with lemon vodka laced with Grand Marnier.
  • A Valencia martini is mixed with a dash of Fino sherry instead of vermouth. Seville orange peel is flamed into a martini glass (3 or 4 peel strips squeezed over a match so that the oil droplets catch fire on their way to coat the glass). The martini is poured into the glass and garnished with a twist of orange peel.
  • A Flame of Love martini just like a Valencia only it's made with vodka instead of gin. It was supposed to be Dean Martin's favourite variant.
  • An Absinthe martini uses 2oz of gin, 1/2oz dry vermouth and 1/8oz Absinthe in the usual way. No garnish is specified, but a neatly trimmed piece of glace Angelica has been used
  • A Haiku martini (or Saketini) uses Sake instead of Gin or Vodka and the garnish is a lychee
  • A Martunia uses gin and dry and sweet vermouth, garnished with an edible flower (usually a Pansy)
  • A Mantini is made with beer (any type) instead of vermouth.
  • A Bacontini uses cooked bacon in place of olives, or optionally wrapped around the olives, and usually is made as a mantini.
  • A Fiendtini is a standard gin martini dirtied with pickle brine and garnished with a pickle.
  • A StevieKumptini is a Shirley Temple cocktail made with vodka and garnished with a cherry. Liberace was known to enjoy StevieKumptinis.
  • A Gladstone Martini is a variation on the Vodka Martini made with vodka Dry Vermouth and a splashing of Orange and Mango juice. The combination dulls the taste of the orange and heightens the taste of the mango.
  • A "French Martini" is a vodka martini that mixes with Chambord and pineapple juice. It includes pouring 2 ounces vodka, 1/4 ounce Chambord liqueur, and 1 ounce pineapple juice into a shaker with ice. Shake and pour into martini glass. Martini can be garnished with a fresh raspberry if applicable.

Sometimes the term "martini" is used to refer to other mostly-hard-liquor cocktails such as Manhattans, cosmopolitans, and ad-hoc or local concoctions whose only commonality with the drink is the cocktail glass in which they are served. Chefs with a more whimsical bent are even producing dessert "martinis" which are not a drink at all, but are merely served in martini glasses.

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