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AS Soleares/AS Alegrías

The AS Soleares is a Banpresto Original Assault Scouter, fictional real robot-type mecha in the Super Robot Wars series. Its upgrade is known as the AS Alegrías. It has appeared as a playable unit in Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 only. Both Soleares and Alegrías are references to a type of flamenco dance originating in southern Spain.


The Soleares is predominantly red with black coloring on its limbs and grey on the major joints. This unit is considered moderately thin and possessing weaker armor, but possesses numerous gatling guns, located on its knees and forearms. Numerous green jewels are prominent on its upper arms and head, and its design emphasizes maneuverability by having very flexible, almost completely uncovered joints. Oddly, its feet resemble high-heeled shoes, possibly mimicking a flamenco dancer.

The Alegrías keeps the same color scheme and appears much bulkier than its original form. The new armor pieces are also adorned with the green jewels, which now scatter all over the machine's body. Four wing-like protrusions are attached to the unit's shoulders, increasing its stabilization and agility. Additionally, two large drone-like weapons called Servants are docked on the rear of the unit's thighs, utilizing their thrusters to increase the unit's overall speed despite their extra weight.

Technical and historical

A machine designed for reconnaissance, the AS-04 Soleares uses a variety of parts from various mass-produced models, combining some of the best parts from different lines to create a high-speed yet stealthy unit capable of taking on numerous attackers. The majority of its weapons are hidden in plain sight, such as using large armor pieces to create its Stealth Boomerang, and placing gatling guns at its knee joints. Additionally, its high flexibility allows it to survive in melee combat despite its relatively weaker armor. Additionally, it features a custom interface for Elma, allowing the artificial intelligence to control various aspects and effectively raise its attributes due to the higher processing speed and sensor input.

Its most prominent feature, however, is its defensive system known as the Prism Phantom. Utilizing a sophisticated optic-camouflage, it can render the unit completely invisible to radar, infrared and visual scanners. Additionally, it can reverse its polarity and blind enemy sensor systems, disorienting them for a time.

Selena Recital, the unit’s main pilot, would use the Soleares for both the Alpha Numbers and their enemies, as her loyalty wavered when she searched for the person responsible for killing her squadron members. Eventually, she would come across the person responsible, Spectra McCready, who would then gravely damage the unit in combat.

Fortunately, Alpha Numbers member, Tsugumi Takakura, would be able to repair and upgrade the machine into the AS-04R Alegrías by cannibalizing the Servant Module originally designed for the Huckebein MK III, as well as taking spare parts from the Vegalion. The Servants would augment the Alegrías considerably, adding more firepower as well as providing more targets to further confuse the enemy, while the Vegalion’s parts would increase its mobility. By installing the Prism Phantom on the Servants, the power of the system allows the modules to create temporary holograms in the Alegrías’ image around each Servant. While Elma is still fully capable of taking over certain control functions of the unit, most of its concentration would now be over this new system.

Selena would utilize the Alegrías for the remainder of the war on the side of the Alpha Numbers, culminating with the defeat of Keisar Ephes over the home world of the Ze Balmary Empire. However, after the war, both Selena Recital, Elma, and the Alegrías mysteriously disappears.


AS Soleares

Height: 17.6 meters

Weight: 39.2 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Sol Razor
    Revealing two hidden beam daggers in its wrists, the Soleares dashes forward, crashing into the enemy with a stab, followed up by a quick slash before retreating.
  • Stealth Boomerang
    Removing two large wing like armor pieces from its hips, the Soleares connects the two before throwing it at the enemy. The weapon slams into its target before flying back, allowing the Soleares to catch and separate the boomerang. Rushing at the target, it then quickly smashes the opponent with the pieces, swinging them like tonfas.
  • Sol Fencer
    Revealing the same beam daggers, the Soleares creeps along the battlefield before attacking the enemy in a similar pattern to Sol Razor before leaping backwards. Utilizing a second setting to turn the beam daggers into beam whips, the Soleares then sends the enemy unit flying in a flurry of high speed ranged strikes.
  • Gatling Tempest
    Rushing the enemy at top speed, the Soleares leaps off of its target before firing a hail of gunfire from its gatling guns in all directions before unleashing a steady barrage at its main target. It then leaps away from the battlefield as its victims explode.

AS Alegrías

Height: 18.8 meters

Weight: 52.7 tons

Weapons Systems:

  • Invisible Assassin
    Unleashing the Servants after activating their Prism Phantoms, the two units attack all enemies within a small area with a quick barrage of attacks.
  • Soul Razor
    Almost identical to the Sol Razor.
  • Servant Slugger
    Unleashing the Servants, the two units fly towards an enemy unit while swinging their heavy blades into a forward position. They then purposefully fly around their target in an attempt to corner them before viciously slamming into them on both sides.
  • Soul Fencer
    Nearly identical to the Sol Fencer, this version of the attack utilizes the Servants in order to first confuse the enemy while the Alegrías moves towards the target, then again during the whip portion to deliver a series of high speed combination strikes.
  • Magna Tempest
    Nearly identical to the Gatling Tempest, the addition of the Servants increase the already considerable firepower of the Alegrías and pulverize their targets under a constant stream of gunfire.
  • Luz Bailarina Baile
    Switching the Prism Phantom into Mode L, the full capabilities of this system allow the two Servants to don holographic duplicates of the Alegrías. Using one unit’s gatling gun and the others heavy blade, the Servants confuses the enemy with a series of coordinated attacks, allowing the Alegrías to get into position and unleashing a spinning attack with its beam daggers before combining their focused energies into a single, massive beam saber which slices the enemy in half.

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