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Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan

The Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan is the highest appeal court in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It hears appeals from the Court of Queen's Bench for Saskatchewan as well as the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan and administrative tribunals. The Court is based in Regina, Saskatchewan and consists of the chief justice and eight puisne justices, appointed by the federal government pursuant to s.96 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

The Court of Appeal was not separately constituted until 1918 when it replaced the Full Court of the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan—an ad hoc appellate tribunal empanelled from among the justices of the Supreme Court—at which time the trial function was taken over by the concurrently established Court of Kings Bench. Appeals may be taken from the Court of Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada either by right or by leave of the Supreme Court of Canada depending on the nature of the case. Until 1949 appeals could further be taken to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in England but there were never per saltum appeals directly from the Court of Appeal to the Privy Council as there were from the State Supreme Courts in Australia.

Its chief justice, currently the Honourable J. Klebuc, is styled Chief Justice of Saskatchewan.


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