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U.S. Route 22

U.S. Route 22 (US 22) is a west-east route and is one of the original United States highways of 1926. It originally stretched from Cambridge, Ohio, to Elizabeth, New Jersey, however, today it runs from Cincinnati, Ohio, at US 27, US 42, US 127, and US 52 to Newark, New Jersey, at U.S. Route 1/9 near the Newark Liberty International Airport. US 22 also carries the names of the William Penn Highway throughout most of Pennsylvania. In southwest Ohio, it overlaps with OH 3 and is familiarly known as the 3C Highway, "22 and 3", and Montgomery Road.

A section of US 22 between New Alexandria at U.S. Route 119 and Harrisburg at Interstate 81 has been designated a part of Corridor M of the Appalachian Development Highway System.

Route description


|- |OH |243.35 |391.63 |- |WV |5.97 |9.60 |- |PA |337.60 |543.31 |- |NJ |60.53 |97.41 |- |Total |647.45 |1041.97 |}
Major cities

In Ohio, US 22 between Zanesville and Lancaster roughly follows the route of Zane's Trace, an early pioneer road blazed by Colonel Ebenezer Zane beginning in 1796. Ohio Christian University sits on US 22 outside Circleville, Ohio. From Cincinnati to Washington Court House, US 22 roughly follows the historic 3C Highway which connected Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland. This section is also contiguous with Ohio State Route 3. Both Route 22 and Route 3 end in the middle of the block on West 9th St in downtown Cincinnati. There is a sign (as of 7/2004) that says end Route 3 and 22. Why it is in the middle of the block and not at the end of the block or street is anyone's guess.

West Virginia

Known as the Robert C. Byrd Expressway, the expressway passes for approximately five miles within the state of West Virginia, through or bordering the city of Weirton for its entire length, from the Pennsylvania state line on the east to the Ohio River and Steubenville, Ohio on the west.

Old Route 22, also known as Business Route 22, is still a major route through major business districts of Weirton. It includes Pennsylvania Avenue from the Pennsylvania state line west to its intersection with Main Street. Main Street, which is also part of West Virginia Route 2, carries old Route 22 south and west of that intersection to the Ohio River, where motorists have the option of crossing the Veterans Memorial Bridge (also known as the Weirton-Steubenville Bridge, part of the Route 22 expressway) or turning right onto Freedom Way to the old Fort Steuben Bridge to connect to Ohio Route 7 north of Steubenville.


US 22 in western Pennsylvania serves as a major corridor between Weirton, West Virginia, Steubenville, Ohio and Pittsburgh. It is an expressway from the Ohio border east to Pittsburgh International Airport and downtown Pittsburgh. It joins Interstate 279 west of Pittsburgh, and then with Interstate 376 east of the city. It is also a major thoroughfare between Pittsburgh and Johnstown.

US 22 between eight miles (13 km) east of Interstate 81 to Allentown is concurrent with Interstate 78. Former highway alignments of US 22 that parallel this section are collectively known as the "Hex Highway", so called because of the Berks County-based Pennsylvania Dutch families that hang hex signs on their barns.

US 22 in eastern Pennsylvania is a four lane limited-access expressway between Easton and Interstate 78 to the west; it is dually designated with the Lehigh Valley Thruway in Allentown. The original designation for this expressway was to be Interstate 78, but local opposition to a freeway in Phillipsburg, along with substandard conditions at Easton, forced federal highway officials to relocate Interstate 78 south of Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and Phillipsburg. It then crosses the Delaware River on the Easton-Phillipsburg Toll Bridge.

New Jersey

U.S. Route 22 in New Jersey predates, and was largely replaced by, Interstate 78 as it was built between 1956 and 1989, and shares designation with I-78 from exit 3 to exit 18. US 22 was an expressway in some segments, including the area around Perryville and Clinton. It connects Phillipsburg with Newark in New Jersey.

US 22 has one major interchange besides I-78, that being Interstate 287, although it is not a full interchange, with missing movements on US 22 eastbound and I-287 southbound (US 22 eastbound to I-287 northbound and I-287 southbound to US 22 westbound).

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