Your Body's Many Cries for Water

Your Body's Many Cries for Water, by Fereydoon Batamanghelidj, ISBN 0-9629942-3-5 is the result of the author's research of water and the human body's needs for it. The main idea of the book is that thirst is just one of many of the body's ways of indicating that it needs water; he attributes a wide range of diseases as alternate symptoms of dehydration, including asthma, angina, dyspepsia, obesity, and numerous others. The cure to dehydration is simple: drink more water.

Dr. Batmanghelidj's most well-researched claim appears to be his study of dyspeptic pain, of which he conducted while in the unusual position of serving as a prison doctor in Iran. The author also included a section in his book on an alternate theory of AIDS, which is considered controversial.

The doctor's prescription is not for a special brand of bottled water, wonder drug, or endorsement of any workout program, simply that if people drank more water they would be a lot healthier. Critics argue that some of his conclusions are ludicrous and consider following his advice, at worst, a harmless waste of time; some people may be unaware that too much water can cause death through water intoxication.

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