Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac

[kad-l-ak; for 1 also Fr. ka-dee-yak]
Cadillac, Antoine de la Mothe, c.1658-1730, French colonial governor in North America, founder of Detroit. Of the minor Gascon nobility, he came to America in 1683 to seek his fortune and lived for a time at Port Royal (now Annapolis Royal, N.S.) and then on a grant of land in present-day Maine. He became a favorite of Frontenac, the governor of New France, and in 1694 he was placed in charge of the frontier post at Mackinac. In 1699, Cadillac went to France to urge establishment of a post on the Detroit River, which he believed would offer a better strategic position against the English than Mackinac. Receiving a grant of land, trade privileges, and command of the new post, he set out with a band of colonists. Detroit was founded in 1701. Cadillac persuaded many Native Americans to settle near the new colony. In 1711 he was appointed to the governorship of the vast territory of Louisiana. He reached his new post in 1713 to begin an administration that was remarkable only for the frequency and fierceness of internal quarrels. He was recalled in 1716 and spent his last years in Gascony.

See biography by A. C. Laut (1931).

National Assembly Member Marc Picard
Action démocratique du Québec
Electors, 2007 51,126
Electoral district created 1988
Region Chaudières-Appalches

Chutes-de-la-Chaudière is a provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada that elects members to the National Assembly of Quebec. The district is located in Lévis and includes the western part of the city. The riding was split in 1988 from Beauce-Nord and Lévis.

Members of the National Assembly

  1. Denise Carrier-Perreault, Parti Québécois (1989-2003)
  2. Marc Picard, Action démocratique (2003-present)

Election results

Action démocratique Marc Picard 24378 58.99 align="right"20.17 Parti Québécois Yvan Loubier 7618 18.43 -7.89 Liberal France Proulx 7292 17.65 -15.50 Green Jean-Luc Bugnon 1183 2.86 Québec solidaire Éveline Gueppe 854 2.07

Action démocratique Marc Picard 14759 38.82 align="right"20.17 Liberal Pauline Houde-Landry 12601 33.15 align="right"2.83 Parti Québécois Antoine Dubé 10007 26.32 -23.30 Union des forces progressistes Jean Bernatchez 649 1.71

Parti Québécois Denise Carrier-Perreault 22577 49.62 -2.18 Liberal Christian Jobin 13796 30.32 align="right"7.67 Action démocratique Daniel Jacques 8486 18.65 align="right"0.81 Democratic socialist Mario Trépanier 358 0.79 Independent Steve Caouette 286 0.63


Neighbouring electoral districts

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1995 Quebec referendum
Side Votes %
Oui 29456 60.06
Non 19587 39.94
Parti Québécois Denise Carrier-Perreault 21091 51.80 align="right"
Liberal Shirley Baril 9220 22.65 -22.95
Action démocratique Jacques Bussières 7263 17.84
Independent Alphonse Bernard Carrier 904 2.22
New Democratic Mario Trépanier 834 2.05 -2.59
Independent Jean Duchesneau 640 1.57
Independent Pierre Chamberland 483 1.19
Natural Law Eddy Gagné 279 0.69
Parti Québécois Denise Carrier-Perreault 15889 48.94
Liberal Denis Therrien 14805 45.60
New Democratic Dany Gravel 1505 4.64
Socialist Bertrand Gignac 270 0.83