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Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.

Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a major Japanese drugs manufacturer, 51.5% of shares are owned by Hoffmann–La Roche. In Japanese Kanji Chugai is written as 中外 and pharmaceutical as 製薬.


2002 Switzerland, The major pharmaceutical manufacturer F. Hoffmann-La Roche and the "strategic alliance" based on the umbrella group Roche and the Roche Group's Chugai Pharmaceutical traditional healing medicine and bio-pharmaceutical development by the synergistic power of synergy effect by the country's leading pharmaceutical companies development pipeline with it. The acquisition of substantially by Roche, Osamu Nagayama CEO · COO is the "strategic alliances rather than acquisitions," he said he said.

Drug makers in the foreign capital 2004 Banyu Pharmaceutical from the parent company of a traditional Merck TOB 100% owned by the next complete subsidiaries delisting and for the currently the only listed company said.


Old: Chugai Pharmaceutical

  • 1925 March 上野十蔵 founded Chugai new drugs.
  • 1943 March Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in to reorganize. Initially, the [glucose], and we went into production.
  • 1972 founder daughter's husband Bank of Japan from (Kimio Ueno 1919 student) was appointed president (2006 Currently honorary chairman, the passing of November 17, 2007).
  • 1979 logo and the name change to the current type (However, "while" the letter to the benzene ring and bottle ampule representation of the mark had been used before)
  • 1989 DNA driven diagnostics manufacturers in the venture companies at the time of : en: Gen-Probe Incorporated (Gen Probe Inc.) acquisition. [Osamu Nagayama] Chugai Pharmaceutical (at that time) is the managing director and chairman to take command.
  • 1990 dialysis treatment of anaemia associated with kidney agent (erythropoietin )"' EPOJIN preparation ' "and the Genetics Institute, Inc. joint development of the market. However, Amgen, Inc. has developed 麒麟麦酒Sankyo Co. will be released to the same preparation, Epoetin alfa patent dispute and the result of the settlement , EPOJIN sales in the North American region has been prevented.

Top of the present flagship product sales, for a period of time, nearly 30 percent of consolidated net sales revenue to EPOJIN dominated by it.

  • 1991 neutropenia diseases such as drug treatment, " 'NOITOROJIN'" release.
  • 1992永山was sworn in as President (currently 2006 CEO ·COO) is a former president Kimio Ueno Chairman.
  • 1996 Merck and the joint venture company "MSD中外", and founded a drug for general sale and transfer of a business from 1997.
  • 1999 Merck is a joint venture中外eliminate MSD, Merck's total shares held on the following year to absorb Chugai Pharmaceutical. Chugai Pharmaceutical Company Healthcare Ministry to set up the company again by the public, such as drug began selling.
  • 2001 and Roche conclude strategic alliances.
  • 2002 takeover by Roche and Chugai Pharmaceutical is to obtain at least a majority of shares, and entered ROSHUGURUPU.

Gen Probe Inc. (中外subsidiaries), and : en: Roche Diagnostics (a subsidiary of Roche) to be affiliated with state and Roche Group and the [antitrust] contact with a few concerns from the中外Major pharmaceutical companies are growing and the company's stock was PUROFU Xiangdong [spin off] by the existing shareholders of the company Chugai Pharmaceutical Gen probe 0.086 shares per share to assign [onerous capital reduction] implementation.
2002 * 10 and the merger of Nippon Roche K.K. Corporation. 'Nascent Chugai Pharmaceutical' was born. Corporate simultaneously Mark White's title changed from green to the back.

※ In addition, [Aventis S.A. SANOFI] (traditional roller Rhone Poulain HEKISUTO Both Marion Roussel Co.) import, production and sales of many products has been released.

Old: Nippon Roche K.K.

(Parent company Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche about "Roche".)

  • 1924 at the time of Roche's Japan [Tokyo City] Kyobashi Ward, " 'general partnershipNSY'" founder.

(Manufacturing approval for Japan's first foreign pharmaceutical company acquired in the first senior.)

  • 1932 name in the current reorganization. Antipyretic analgesic agent [Don Sari] production release.

(Ingredients are different, but we also [First Healthcare Sankyo Co.] (formerly → Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. ZEFAMA) that are being sold through.)

  • 1961 retinoid (synthesis vitamin A) published patents.
  • 1967 Kamakura to a new factory. (Roche's Chugai Pharmaceutical products are still being manufactured.)
  • 1971 reagent launch business.
  • 1994 pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States at the time of the research management system depressed, "Singh's Tex" Roche acquisition.

Japan, the joint venture [Tanabe Seiyaku Co.], "Singh Tanabe's Tex"有ったwas dissolved in 1995 and absorbed Tanabe Seiyaku Co., Nippon Roche K.K. license is not through the Roche relationship with the company.
1994 * Tokyo, Minato Shibakouen Minato building its completion (ROSHUBIRU), and headquarters functions Marunouchi Chiyoda Fuji's transfer from the building.

  • 1995 acute promyelocytic sphere of drug treatment leukemia "BESANOIDO" was released.
  • 1996 to a third country approved by the anti-virus chemotherapy agent ( HIV reverse transcriptase inhibitor) "HAIBIDDO" released
  • 1997 HIV protease inhibitor "INBIRAZE" was released. (A component of the improvement in 2000 "FOTOBEISU" release.)
  • 1998 Germany reagent manufacturers, BERINGA Mannheim Roche acquired companies, the domestic business reagent and Japan's Nippon Roche K.K. BERINGA Mannheim merged company, [Roche DAIAGUNOSUTIKKUSU] founded the company split Corporation.
  • 1999 immunosuppressive agent "SERUSEPUTO" was released.
  • 2000 SmithKline Beecham (UK) [GURAKUSO welcome] (UK) and the merger, and [GlaxoSmithKline] will be from the two companies overlap in products and clean up the inside of SmithKline Beecham (anti-cancer drug treatment TOMONAU) antiemetic drug "Kytril" worldwide to transfer it to Roche, and Japan as well in Japan Roche sales are transferred. (And then transferred production)
  • 2001 Sony Wataru Ogawa is a former president. She also serves as president of Roche DAIAGUNOSUTIKKUSU (incumbent)
  • 2001 anti-drug influenza virus "Tamiflu" release capsules. (2002)
  • 2001 first target molecule drugs in malignant lymphoma drug "RITSUKISAN", a new type of breast cancer drug "Herceptin" was released. (RITSUKISAN manufacture and sale of the rights held by [全薬工業]).
  • 2002 10 Chugai Pharmaceutical merged.

Emerging: Chugai Pharmaceutical

the former Chugai Pharmaceutical Products relations,Roche and the former Nippon Roche K.K. related products.

  • 2003 March' ☆ '[GURONSAN] part of a campaign of the Web [drama] interlocking television CM broadcast, a Web site on the Web GURONSAN drama "roof of the sky" [Net delivery | Subscribe].

(Insert song drama CM Web: [FLOW] "I devote ballad" performers: [Mititaka Tsutsui]).

The series is for external use painkillers ZENORU [三笠製薬] Chugai Pharmaceutical products will be on sale from 1996, and was in January 2005 from [Taiho Pharmaceutical Co.] from being sold.
Old age Nippon Roche K.K. production from the former Fujisawa Pharmaceuticals analgesic-antipyretic released through "[Don Sari]" of the manufacture and sale of the right to release transferred ZEFAMA . Currently, [First Healthcare Sankyo Co.] will be released. Until 2003, medical care for "Don Sari" (phenacetin preparation system]]).

  • 01 June '☆' the world's first Castleman's disease treatment "AKUTEMURA" was released. (Osaka and joint development.)


Alpine中外once and gastrointestinal drugs such as [public drug], nutrition drink GURONSAN and insecticide fumigation BARUSAN and projects such as the release For example, 2004 December, these projects [Lion (companies) | Lion] transferred to the development of drugs for medical imports and the company began to manufacture and sell.

Roche developed by the world's only now [flu] oral drug therapy "[Tamiflu]" domestic manufacturing and sales, pharmacopoeial monopoly in the state's share. (In Japan, Nippon Roche K.K. promotional partners by age [Shionogi & Co.] from being sold jointly)

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