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Anti-Creative Records is an independent record label. Initially based out of Upland, California, the label moved to neighboring city Alta Loma, California in early 2007. Because of its close proximity, correspondence and mail-orders are still handled through their Upland post office box. The label's releases consist primarily of folk-punk and punk bands from across the United States. However, the label is not limited to these genres.

The label was founded in November 2004 by Jared Dobias (aka "jer"). Dobias was influenced by Plan-It-X Records which is run by Chris Clavin, a friend of Dobias. Because of Plan-It-X's influence, Anti-Creative operates in almost identical fashion as Plan-It-X, albeit on a smaller scale.

The label has released material from such notable bands as Defiance, Ohio and Ghost Mice, amongst others.


Anti-Creative follows the DIY (do-it-yourself) punk ethic that many similar independent record labels subscribe to. The label likes to expand on this concept by saying they also consider themselves a "do-it-together" independent record label, stressing the importance of community and cooperation (as opposed to competition).

The label's founder holds anti-capitalist views, however he recognizes this contradiction and addresses it as such on the label's website:

it’s great to be able to put out new and wonderful music (and keep it really cheap), but the sad truth is that it is hard to keep releasing music if no one is buying it. capitalism sucks, but for now we’re stuck with it. let’s make the most of it before we find the strength to overcome it.

To help compensate for this contradiction, the label is intent on keeping music cheap and affordable ($5.00 USD or less for their album releases). They support other small labels and encourage others to do so as well.

List of Bands


  • ACR001 - One Reason/Defiance Ohio - Split 7" - Released November 15, 2004
  • ACR002 - Pretty Hot/Ghost Mice - Split CD - Released June 1, 2005
  • ACR003 - Captain Chaos - The Fool CD - Released March 12, 2007
  • ACR004 - imadethismistake - It's Okay 12" - Released August 1, 2008
  • ACR00? - Rio de la Muerte - May All Great Things Be Everywhere CD - Announced for 2008

Anti-Creative Records also participated in the community-release of the Operation: Cliff Clavin/The Max Levine Ensemble split 7" that was released in 2005. The label has since sold out of their copies (other labels may still have available copies).

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