Anstey, Christopher

Anstey, Christopher

Anstey, Christopher, 1724-1805, English poet and satirist. He is known chiefly for The New Bath Guide (1766), a series of poetical episodes humorously depicting contemporary life at Bath. This work was widely read in its time and may have influenced Tobias Smollet's Humphrey Clinker.
Anstey may be:



  • Chris Anstey, Australian basketball player
  • Christopher Anstey, English writer and poet (1724 - 1805)
  • Clare Anstey British TV presenter
  • F. Anstey Thomas Anstey Guthrie (1856 - 1934), was an English novelist and journalist, who wrote his comic novels under the pseudonym F. Anstey.
  • Frank Anstey, Australian politician in both the Victorian and Commonwealth parliaments
  • George Alexander Anstey (1814 - 1895), South Australian viticulturist and Member of Parliament.
  • Harry Anstey, Australian prospector and politician
  • Nigel Anstey, British geophysicist

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