Anomiidae is a family of bivalve molluscs related to scallops and oysters, and known as anomiids.

The family is known by several common names, including jingle shells, saddle oysters, windowpane oysters, mermaid's toenails and kapis shells.


Anomiids have extremely thin, translucent, paper-like shells. There is often a hole in the lower shell, caused by growth of the shell around the byssus. The shell follows the shape of the object it lies on - usually a rock or a large shell of another creature.


Members of this family are distastefully bitter and not eaten. However, industrial applications include manufacture into, or as part of, glue, chalk, paint, shellac and solder. Kapis shells are made into decorative objects such as lampshades in Asia.

Genera and species in the family Anomiidae

Subfamily Anomiinae

Subfamily Placunanomiinae


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