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Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin

Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin (You're My Everything in English) is a soap opera directed by F.M. Reyes, broadcast by ABS-CBN in the Philippines. It stars Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Diether Ocampo, Angelika dela Cruz, Rayver Cruz, Shaina Magdayao and Claudine Barretto.


The story is about a poor but optimistic Nea with her mother (already died in the story) searching for her sister Daisy (also known as Jasmin).


Ano ang mas hihigit pa sa pagsasabing mahal kita? Ikaw ang lahat sa akin.

Credited Cast

  • Claudine Barretto as Nea Fontanilla, is brimming with generosity, full positive attitude. She always sees a silver lining in cloudy skies. She is the eldest of the Fontanilla sisters. When fashionably dressed, Nea can totally "knock down" other beauties. That is why Oliver's older brother Ivan can't help but also fall in love with Nea. She is the type who does not accept any dole-outs, but she is very talented person who knows how to create opportunities for herself in order to make a living. Nea is a fighter who keeps her dignity intact.
  • Bea Alonzo as Jasmin Fontanilla, the sister Nea never stopped looking for. She lives with her father, Larry. Jasmin grew up believing the her mother is Yolanda Gerochi (played by Carmi Martin) and the only sister she has is Hazel (played by Shaina Magdayao). Despite the many tragedies she has had in life, Jasmin remains to have the pureness of her heart and she does not harbor ill feelings towards people who have wronged her. Jasmin is withdrawn; she would rather blend in with the crowd than stand out.
  • Diether Ocampo as Ivan Ynares, son of a business tycoon and the older brother of Oliver (played by John Lloyd), he's the favorite son. Ivan runs their huge family-owned enterprise that has stakes in logging, furniture-making and resort development. He is the childhood sweetheart of Karri Medrano (played by Angelika dela Cruz). Eventually, Ivan falls in love with Nea. Ivan is an achiever; he is smart and intelligent like his father. But unlike his father, Ivan is a kind-hearted businessman. No woman could resist the oozing charm of this true-blue gentleman (which is ironic since in the middle of the novel he's reveal to be the rapist of Nea, very unlikely to be dubbed as a gentleman).
  • John Lloyd Cruz as Oliver Ynares, he is Ivan's youngest brother and the least favored son. A very down-to-earth guy who is also quirky and bubbly. He is the exact opposite of Jasmin, the lass he has fallen for. His craving for bulalo brings him to Nea. And it is because of Oliver that Ivan and Nea meet.
  • Shaina Magdayao as Hazel Fontanilla, she is the youngest and half-sister to both Nea and Jasmin. Outspoken, perky and fiercely protective of her sister, Jasmin. She is the favorite daughter of Yolanda. Sheltered Hazel believes that the world is a good place. She would like nothing better than for her half-sister Nea to accept her.
  • Angelika dela Cruz as Karri Medrano, this socialite and is described as the wind beneath Ivan's wings. She is the childhood sweetheart of Ivan and was favored to end up marrying him. Karri is the daughter of a sugar magnate from the Visayas and the unica hija of her proud parents, Perry and Rosemarie Medrano.
  • Jaclyn Jose as Elena Cruz, like her daughter, Nea, she is a survivor even after she was abandoned by the man she loved. Her bond with Nea is strong and unique. Elena whats to know if giving away her other daughter Jasmin was the right decision. She died before Jasmin realized that Elena is her biological mother.
  • Noni Buencamino as Larry Fontanilla, he's the father of Nea, Jasmin and Hazel who has a weak character. He left Elena for another woman (Yolanda) whom he saw then as his quickest way to escape poverty. Larry worked as a driver for Yolanda's family.
  • Tirso Cruz III as Roden Ynares, is the father of Ivan and Oliver and a very shrewd businessman. He is married to Susan Ledesma. He favors Ivan, his eldest son for reasons that would be revealed later on. He committed suicide after Ivan was convicted of raping Nea.
  • Hilda Koronel as Susana Ledesma-Ynares, she is a woman with a broken-spirit who finds comfort in alcohol. The bottle is her only ally during her moments of loneliness. She is the mother of Ivan and Oliver. Because of her husband's lack of time for her, Susana stumbled and tainted her wedding vow to Roden.
  • Kathleen Hermosa as Vonnie
  • Vanna Garcia as Daphne Soliven, was one of Zsa-Zsa's clique. However she always had a soft spot for Jasmin. Later in the series, they became good friends.
  • Glaiza de Castro as Magnolia Cortez
  • Marla Boyd as Zsa Zsa Ricafort, Oliver and Jasmin's former classmate. She and Oliver are business partners. They own the bookstore where Jasmin works.
  • JC Cuadrado
  • Shamaine Centenera
  • Pia Moran
  • Flora Gasser
  • Marita Zobel as Yolanda's Mother
  • Rissa Samson
  • Rayver Cruz as Nat
  • Rafael Martinez as Hazel's suitor
  • DM Sevilla as Hazel's suitor
  • Kiko Matos as Hazel's suitor

Theme Song

  • Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin - sung by Ella Mae Saison


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