Win My Wage

Win My Wage was a British daytime game show on Channel 4, presented by Nick Hancock. Each day a contestant had to decide which of the eight strangers they are faced with earned the highest annual wage. The contestant used facts they were given about each of the strangers to eliminate one each round and ultimately to decide who earned the most. The programme aired in the same slot as Deal Or No Deal, while it took a four week break during the summer i.e. weekdays 16.15 - 17.00 from Monday, 16th July until Friday, 10th August 2007.


There is one contestant each day who is faced with eight complete strangers, all of whom wear black T-shirts with their names printed on. They only speak once in-play, at the beginning of the game, by saying their name, the town or city in which they live, and asking a rhetorical question of whether they earn the highest amount of money.

Each round eliminates one person and the wage they earn. The aim is for the contestant to eliminate the lower wages first in order to keep the highest prizes remaining.

• In the first round the contestant must eliminate one of the eight players using their first impressions only.

• In the second round five significant facts are revealed about the seven remaining players. The contestant eliminates one player after hearing these facts.

• The third round sees the players answering three 'yes or no' questions about what they do in their spare time. After this, another player and their corresponding wage is eliminated.

• In round four, the contestant learns more about the remaining players' school days, and then eliminates another player.

• In the next round another series of 'yes or no' questions are asked, followed by the final elimination. In the final round the contestant decides which player earns the most amount of money. At this point, the host is able to reveal the occupations of the three remaining players, but not corresponding them to the players.

If the highest wage is guessed correctly, they win that wage. However, if the contestant was previously shown the three occupations, then they can only play for half the winning wage. If any other wage is revealed, the contestant wins nothing. The player chosen as the highest wage earner also receives £3,000, regardless of actual wage.

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