Anne, Saint

Anne, Saint

Anne, Saint, in tradition, mother of the Virgin and wife of St. Joachim. She is not mentioned in Scripture, but her cult is very old. In the West she has been especially popular since the Middle Ages. She is patroness of Quebec prov., and Ste Anne de Beaupré is one of the most visited of New World shrines. Brittany, also under her patronage, has the renowned shrine of Ste Anne d'Auray, with its annual pilgrimage. St. Anne is invoked by women in childbirth. In art, she is usually an elderly veiled woman and often appears teaching her daughter to read. Her name also appears as Anna. Feast: July 26.

Sainte-Anne-Saint-Priest (Senta Anna-Sent Príech) is a village and commune in the Haute-Vienne département of central-western France.


At the 1999 census, the population was 141. On 1 January 2005, the estimate was 154.

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