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Carl Jung believed that we each have within us both male and female qualitites, which together comprise the totality of who we are. The animus is the archetype in a woman that represents her male alter ego. It is the personification of the masculine qualities in a woman's psyche. These qualities may include rationality, authority, objectivity, initiative, courage, conviction, action, aggression, and brutality. The animus has been described as producing opinions, in contrast with the anima, which produces moods.



In the anime FLCL (fooly cooly)the main caracter turns into animus the ultimate meta-mechanical creation after being "eaten" by first meta-mechanicle robot spawned from his head.


  • In the Dungeons and Dragons World of Greyhawk campaign setting, an Animus is a human that was transformed into a powerful undead creature.
  • The Animus, a device in the video game Assassin's Creed which allows the retrieval of genetic memory, making the user able to relive events in the past through the perspective of their ancestors.
  • In Legendary you can siphon Animus Vitae from dead creatures, and use it to heal your self, and perform Animus blasts.


  • In law, an intent to do harm to another

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