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List of islands of Western Australia, 0-9, A-C

This is a list of islands in Western Australia. It includes all coastal and inland islands, cays, isles and islets. It also includes named island groups, archipelagos and island clumps.

This list is complete with respect to the 1996 Gazetteer of Australia. Dubious names have been checked against the online 2004 data, and in all cases confirmed correct. However, if any islands have been gazetted or deleted since 1996, this list does not reflect these changes. Strictly speaking, Australian place names are gazetted in capital letters only; the names in this list have been converted to mixed case in accordance with normal capitalisation conventions. Locations are as gazetted; obviously some islands may extend over large areas.


Name Coordinates Remarks
1 Island
2 Island
3 Island
6 Mile Island
7 Island
8 Island


Name Coordinates Remarks
Abutilon Island
Acasta Island
Adele Island
Admiral Island
Adolphus Island
Advance Island
Ah Chong Island
Airlie Island
Akerstrom Island
Albert Islands
Alcatraz Island
Alexander Island
Alexander Island
Alexander Island
Allora Island
Alma Islands
Alpha Island
Amethyst Island
Anderdon Islands
Angel Island
Angle Island
Anglesea Island
Ant Island
Anvil Island
Apex Island
Arbidej Island
Archdeacon Island
Arid Island
Arthur Island
Ashburton Island
Asshlyn Islands
Aster Island
Atrina Island
Attack Island
Atys Island
Augereau Island
Augustus Island
Augustus Springs Island
Aunt Island
Auriferous Island
Aveling Island
Avocet Island


Name Coordinates Remarks
Babbage Island
Bailey Island
Bald Island
Bald Island
Ballee Island
Bar Island
Barbecue Island
Barely Island
Barnes Island
Barnicoat Island
Barrier Island
Barrow Island
Basile Island
Bat Island
Bathurst Island
Baudin Island
Baudin Island
Bayliss Islands
Beacon Island
Beagle Islands
Beaumont Island
Bedford Islands
Bedout Island
Bedwell Island
Beelu Island
Bellinger Island
Ben Island
Bend Island
Bernier Island
Bernouilli Island
Berthier Island
Berthoud Island
Bessieres Island
Bezout Island
Big Island
Bigge Island
Bignell Island
Bird Island
Bird Island
Bird Island
Bishop Island
Black Island
Bluebell Island
Bonaparte Archipelago
Bonaparte Island
Boodalan Island
Boodie Island
Boomerang Island
Boongaree Island
Boora Island
Borda Island
Boullanger Island
Boundary Island
Boxer Island
Branch Island
Breaksea Island
Brewis Island
Bridled Island
Brigadier Island
Brooke Island
Broughton Island
Brown Island
Browne Island
Browse Island
Bruen Island
Brunswick Island
Buccaneer Archipelago
Buffon Island
Bullanyin Island
Buller Island
Bumpus Island
Burnett Island
Burnside Island
Burton Island
Bushby Island
Buttercup Island
Button Island
Byam Martin Island
Bynoe Island
Byron Island


Name Coordinates Remarks
Caesar Island
Caffarelli Island
Camp Island
Campbell Island
Campbell Island
Campbell-Taylor Group
Canard Island
Canning Island
Cap Island
Capps Island
Capstan Island
Careening Island
Carey Island
Carlia Island
Carnac Island
Carnation Island
Carronade Island
Cassini Island
Casuarina Isles
Caswell Island
Cave Island
Cecelia Islands
Cecilia Islands
Cervantes Islands
Chambers Island
Champagny Island
Champagny Islands
Championet Island
Channel Island
Channel Islands
Charley Island
Charlie Island
Chatham Island
Cheriton Island
Cherry Island
Cheyne Island
Chinyin Island
Christmas Island
Claret Islands
Clark Island
Clarke Islands
Cleft Island
Cleghorn Island
Clerk Island
Cliff Island
Cloud Island
Cockatoo Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Coffin Island
Cohen Island
Colbert Island
Combe Hill Island
Combe Island
Commerson Island
Condillac Island
Conilurus Island
Conway Island
Conzinc Island
Cooleenup Island
Cooper Island
Coorothoo Island
Corbett Island
Cormorant Island
Corneille Island
Cornwall Island
Coronation Island
Coronation Island
Coronation Islands
Corvisart Island
Cotton Island
Cowle Island
Crabbe Island
Crake Island
Cranny Island
Creak Island
Creery Island
Crocus Island
Crusoe Island
Cull Island
Cunningham Island
Cuppup Island
Cussen Island
Cymo Island

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