anchor person


Huff or huffing may refer to:

People named Huff

  • Aubrey Huff (b. 1976), baseball player
  • Bob Huff (b. 1953), American politician
  • Dann Huff (b. 1960), singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer, and foundation member of 80s hard rock band Giant
  • Darrell Huff (1913-2001), economist and author of How to Lie with Statistics
  • David Huff, drummer, songwriter and record producer, and foundation member of Giant along with brother Dann
  • George Huff, Jr. (b. 1980), American singer
  • Janice Huff (b. 1960), weather presenter and TV anchor person
  • Leon Huff (b. 1942), afro-American songwriter and record producer with Kenneth Gamble as Gamble and Huff
  • Michael Huff (b. 1983), American footballer
  • Orlando Huff (b. 1978), American footballer
  • Paul B. Huff (b. 1918), Medal of Honor recipient
  • Sam Huff aka Robert Lee Huff (b. 1934), American footballer, coach and commentator
  • Tanya Huff (b. 1957), Canadian fantasy author
  • Thomas Huff, co-founder of Huff-Daland Aero Corp
  • Warren D. Huff, professor of geology at the University of Cincinnati

Places Called Huff

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