courtly love

Late-medieval code that prescribed the highly conventionalized behaviour and emotions of aristocratic ladies and their lovers. It was the theme of an extensive literature that began with late 11th-century troubadour poetry in France and swiftly pervaded Europe. The courtly lover, who saw himself as enslaved by passion but fired by respect, faithfully served and worshiped his lady-saint. Courtly love was invariably adulterous, largely because upper-class marriage at the time was usually the result of economic interest or the seal of a power alliance. Its literary sources are believed to be found in Arabic literature, transmitted to Europe through Arab-dominated Spain; the growing religious cult of Mary was another influence. Examples of works inspired by the ideal are the Roman de la rose, Petrarch's sonnets to Laura, Dante's Divine Comedy, and the lyrics of the trouvères and minnesingers. Seealso chivalry.

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Paul D'Amour (born May 12, 1967 in Spokane, Washington) was the original bass guitarist for Tool. His bass sound was recognised by the aggressive picked tone he developed with his Rickenbacker 4001CS, which can clearly be heard on Tool's first full length album, Undertow.

Originally a guitar player, D'Amour became Tool's bassist after being introduced to the band by guitarist Adam Jones. Like Jones, D'Amour was in Los Angeles because of his wish to enter the film industry.

In 1995 D'Amour was released by Tool, although the band allowed him to claim he left. After his departure from the band, he formed the psychedelic pop band Lusk with Brad Laner, Chris Pitman, now of Guns N' Roses, and ex-Failure member Greg Edwards, now of Autolux. In 1997 they released their only album to date, titled Free Mars.

Soon after his departure from Tool, D'Amour played guitar in a group named Replicants, a cover band that included Ken Andrews and Greg Edwards from Failure, as well as Chris Pitman. They released one self-titled album in 1995, with a guest appearance from former Tool band-mate, Maynard James Keenan.

As of early 2005, D'Amour has been writing and performing under the name Feersum Ennjin, which owes its phonetically spelled name to the science fiction novel Feersum Endjinn by Iain Banks, an author whose novel The Wasp Factory was conceptual inspiration for Lusk as well. The project has one self-titled EP released on Silent Uproar Records.

Paul's Bass Gear

-Ovation Magnum 2 Bass (Used in the recording of 72826 and Opiate)

-Rickenbacker 4001cs (Used in the recording of Undertow)

-Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray 4 (Switched to this bass during the 1995 Tour, Used to record Aenima Demo)

-2 Mesa 400+ all tube heads. ('94)

-2 Mesa Roadready 1x15 cabs ('94)

-2 Mesa Roadready 6x10 or 8x10 cabs ('94)

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