Marc Galanter (psychiatrist)

For the law professor with the same name, see Marc Galanter
Marc Galanter, M.D. is Professor of Psychiatry at NYU, Founding Director of the Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse at NYU, and Director of the NYU Fellowship Training Program in Addiction Psychiatry. He is also a Division Director at NYU’s World Health Organization Collaborating Center, and Director of its national Center for Medical Fellowships in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. He is Editor of the journal "Substance Abuse," the annual book series “Recent Developments in Alcoholism,” and author of the books, "Network Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Abuse" and “Spirituality and the Healthy Mind: Science, Therapy and the Need for Personal Meaning.” His NIH and foundation-funded studies have addressed family therapy for substance abuse, pharmacologic treatment for addiction, self-help treatment for substance abusers, and spiritually-oriented recovery.

Dr. Galanter attended Albert Einstein College of Medicine where he did his residency in psychiatry. After that he was a Clinical Associate at the National Institute of Mental Health, and then an NIH Career Teacher. He later served as President of the Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse (AMERSA) (1976-1977), the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry (1991-1992), and the American Society of Addiction Medicine (1999-2001). Among his awards are the Gold Achievement Award for innovation in clinical care and the Seymour Vestermark Award for Psychiatric Education, both from the American Psychiatric Association, the McGovern Award for medical teaching from AMERSA, and New York State’s Award for Psychiatric Research.

Subset of published works

  • Cults and new religious movements: a report of the Committee on Psychiatry and Religion of the American Psychiatric Association, edited by Marc Galanter (1989) ISBN 0-89042-212-5
  • Network Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, The Guilford Press (1990) ISBN 1-57230-441-3.
  • Cults : Faith, Healing and Coercion, Oxford University Press (1999) ISBN 0-19-512370-0
  • Spirituality and the Healthy Mind : Science, Therapy, and the Need for Personal Meaning, Oxford University Press, USA (2005) ISBN 0-19-517669-3

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