american association of retired per-sons

Canadian Association of Retired Persons

CARP (originally the Canadian Association of Retired Persons, now billed as Canada's Association for the Fifty-Plus) is a Canadian organization advocating for the rights of those fifty years of age or older.

The original mandate of CARP was to represent retired persons specifically, but for various reasons it has since expanded to cover the rights of all persons over fifty.

As of 2007, CARP is sponsoring a campaign called "No More Waiting" to pressure the Canadian government to reduce hospital wait times.

Like the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), CARP provides information for its membership, arranges discounts with various vendors, and advocates for their interests with government and corporations. They have a financial planning guide for their members and other interested persons, titled The Carp Financial Planning Guide, written by Warran MacKenzie and Graham Byron.

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