Ambystoma talpoideum

Ambystoma talpoideum

The Mole Salamander (Ambystoma talpoideum) is a species of salamander found in much of the eastern and central United States, from Florida to Texas, north to Illinois, east to Kentucky, with an isolated population in Virginia. Older sources often refer to it as the Tadpole Salamander.


The Mole Salamander is a stocky salamander with a short body and a large head. They can grow to 4 inches in length. They are normally gray or dark brown in color, with darker mottling and a lighter gray underside.


Primarily nocturnal, the Mole Salamander prefers habitats of moist forest debris, usually near a permanent source of water. Breeding occurs in the winter months, with eggs being laid in the spring, during heavy rains. It is an opportunistic feeder, eating almost anything smaller than itself which it can overpower, including various arthropods.


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