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The Ambiguously Gay Duo

The Ambiguously Gay Duo is an American animated comedy sketch that debuted on The Dana Carvey Show before moving to its permanent home on Saturday Night Live. It is created and produced by Robert Smigel, J.J. Sedelmaier, and J.J. Sedelmaier Productions as part of the Saturday TV Funhouse series of sketches. It follows the adventures of Ace (voiced by Stephen Colbert) and Gary (Steve Carell), two superheroes whose sexual orientation is a matter of dispute. Ace and Gary's initials, A and G, appear on their shirts, and could also stand for "ambiguously gay."

The Ambiguously Gay Duo is a parody of the comic book superheroes Batman and Robin, who some suggest are a gay couple, a charge most famously leveled by Fredric Wertham in his 1954 book, Seduction of the Innocent.

Episode plot

The typical episode usually begins with the villain, usually Bighead, briefing his associates on plans for some dastardly deed. The villain declares he cannot be stopped, not even by the duo Ace and Gary. Upon mention of the superheroes, the villain and his associates begin a speculative debate over the orientation of and relationship between Ace and Gary. Once the crime is in process, the police commissioner, with the chief of police at his side, calls on the superheroes to save the day. They, too, often discuss whether or not the duo is gay.

Ace and Gary set out to foil the evil plan, but not before calling attention to themselves with outrageous antics and innuendo, and otherwise behaving in ways not usually associated with heterosexual men. Oblivious to their own behaviour, but now aware of the shocked and horrified expressions around them, the scene closes something like:

Ace [patting Gary on the butt] : Good job, friend-o-friends!
Villains/Bystanders [gasps, and horrified stares]
Ace: What's everybody looking at?
Villains/Bystanders [in unison]: Nothing!

This gag finds itself in almost every episode.

Episodes not following this general formula will feature Ace and Gary answering fan mail or offering child safety tips. One such episode follows the adventures of Ace and Gary giving children a ride home in their phallus shaped Duocar, where they give home decorating tips, making suggestive gestures and innuendo while completely unaware of how they are being perceived.


  • Ace is the leader of the duo. He is mentor to Gary, refers to him as “friend of friends,” and has a wide array of superpowers reminiscent of Superman.
  • Gary, Ace's sidekick, is the younger of the duo. Gary is less experienced, and has fewer superpowers than Ace. His powers include super strength, breath, stamina, and flexibility.
  • The Police Commissioner is the duo's primary contact, and when trouble arises, he makes the call to their hangout. His calls tend to interrupt a workout of some kind, with one or the other of the duo shirtless. The commissioner, voiced by Steve Carell, believes Ace and Gary might not be gay.
  • The Chief of Police hangs out with the commissioner, apparently waiting to find evidence in support of his confident belief that Ace and Gary are, in fact, gay. He and the commissioner are endlessly engaged in debate over their positions on this subject.
  • Bighead, (inspired by C.C. Beck's "Dr. Sivana") as the name might suggest, sports a very large, bald head, and is usually the brains behind most of the evil schemes. Second only to his primary vocation of mad scientist is his obsession with outing the superheroes as gay, which tends to annoy his co-conspirators because they do not care about the duo's sexuality and only want to defeat them in order to rule the world. He is constantly criticized for the amount of energy he invests in this pursuit. Bighead is voiced by Robert Smigel
  • Dr. Brainio is probably named for the auxiliary brain he has attached to his skull with cables and tubing. He occasionally partners with Bighead, but is quite a bit more undecided about Ace and Gary. Dr. Brainio is voiced by Stephen Colbert.
  • Orbitrox is a small, green, free-floating droid who sides with Bighead on the question of Ace and Gary's sexual orientation. Orbitrox has proffered evidence of their having visited gay bars, but emphatically denies visiting himself, snapping in subtitled form, "Back off dickweed, it's research!"
  • Kijoro, an obvious parody of Superman's Jor-El, is the duo's mentor whose spirit resides in the "Fortress of Privacy." He offers his advice from time to time when Ace and Gary seek counsel.

Episode guide

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# Airdate Title
1. 28 September 1996
Ace and Gary foil Bighead's plan to take over Metroville.
2. 2 November 1996
Ace and Gary stop Queen Serena's evil scheme.
3. 14 December 1996
Santa Claus has been kidnapped, and the Duo must save him with the help of the reindeer and free the elves, who have been held hostage.
4. 19 April 1997
Ace and Gary demonstrate bicycle and home safety tips for local kids.
5. 15 November 1997
The Duo battles Bighead's ice monster creation.
6. 9 May 1998
Ace and Gary question their origins as superheroes and why everybody regards them strangely.
7. 21 November 1998
Ace and Gary are oblivious to the suggestiveness in letters from their fans, who are mostly criminal convicts.
8. 8 May 1999
Even before they were the Ambiguously Gay Duo, teenagers Ace and Gary fought evil. This episode shows that Bighead was in their class, and he is determined to win his classmates' respect and "out" the duo. When he reanimates and enlarges a giant frog, the Ambiguoboys must stop him
9. 13 May 2000
Ace and Gary battle Bighead's evil schemes at the NBA finals.
10. 19 October 2002
Bighead redecorates his lair in an attempt to out the Duo once and for all.
11. 29 September 2007
Bighead enlists the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport Undercover Police to out Ace and Gary at his BBQ.

Other appearances

  • January 12, 2002 (Josh Hartnett/Pink), The Ambiguously Gay Duo makes a surprise appearance in The X-Presidents – the Hunt for Osama.
  • April 29, 2006, The Ambiguously Gay duo co-hosted Saturday Night Live: The Best of TV Funhouse. The hosting duties included the opening monologue performed by Ace and Gary, plus new animated/live-action material during the pre-commercial and post-commercial bumpers. It was revealed during these bumper segments that they seem to have an undying obsession with former cast member Jimmy Fallon. The show ended with the duo taking cast members Jason Sudeikis and Andy Samberg to their secret headquarters — both naked — in the penis-shaped car, with announcer Don Pardo begging to be taken with them and a spurned Fallon looking on from his apartment window with tears in his eyes.

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