Amalgamation, meaning to combine or unite into one form, has several uses:

  • Amalgamation (mining), the process of separation of precious metals from ore.
  • Amalgamation (history), a now largely archaic term for the interbreeding of people of different ethnicities and "races".
  • Amalgamation (business), the result of mergers of companies
  • Amalgamation, an EP released by the band Pop Will Eat Itself in 1994.
  • Amalgamation (politics), in geopolitics, refers to the joining of two or more administrative units.
  • Free product with amalgamation, in mathematics, especially group theory, an important construction.
  • Amalgamation is a construction in model theory, a subfield of mathematical logic.
  • Amalgamation (fiction), the concept of creating an element in a work of fiction by combining existing things.
  • Amalgamation (geology), the union of two or more continents.
  • Amalgamation (names), the strategy of naming something after a combination of existing names
  • Conflation, also known as "idiom amalgamation", the combination of two expressions.
  • Amalgamation, another name for a trade union, chiefly used in the United Kingdom
  • Amalgamation combines mercury and another element to create amalgam, used in dentistry, chemistry, and mining.
  • Amagamation - the combination of several components to produce a whole item.


Amalgamated usually means something that has undergone amalgamation. However, amalgamated may also refer to (as part of a formal name): In business

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