Amado Nervo

Amado Nervo

Nervo, Amado, 1870-1919, Mexican poet. Known as the "monk of poetry," he studied for the priesthood but abandoned it for writing. An intimate friend of Rubén Darío, he was a leading figure of modernismo. His poetry is known for its simplicity and musical phrasing. Most of his verses deal with his inward world, where he sought peace from external torments. His major collections include Serenidad (1914), Elevación (1916), and Plenitud (1918). Nervo was a diplomat for several years and died during his service as Mexican minister to Uruguay.
Amado Nervo (real name: Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz de Nervo) (August 27, 1870May 24, 1919) was a Mexican poet. His poetry was known for its use of metaphor and reference to mysticism.

Nervo was born in Tepic, Nayarit. His father died when he was 13. He was a journalist for a living. He founded in 1898, along with Jesús Valenzuela, La Revista Moderna ("The Modern Review"). He spent the first years of the 20th century in Europe, particularly in Paris. He then moved back to Mexico, where he was appointed plenipotentiary minister in Argentina and Uruguay.

In 1901 while he was in Paris he met and married Ana Cecilia Luisa Dailliez. They lived happily until her untimely death in 1912. Out of his grief and desperation, Nervo wrote his most important work, "La Amada Inmóvil" ("The Motionless Loved One"), published posthumously in 1922.

While in Paris he befriended Enrique Gómez Carillo and Aurora Cáceres for whose 'La rosa muerta' he wrote a prologue. It is also likely he was in contact with Rubén Darío.

He is perhaps the most important Mexican poet of the nineteenth century.

The house where he was born is now a museum and is situated on a street that bears his name.


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