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Alter Channel

Alter Channel/Alter TV better known as Alter, is a private network in Greece. It launched in 1990 and is owned by Kouris Group. Programing is comprised mainly of news & current affairs shows and entertainment programmes. Alter currently features what is arguably the best news team in Greek television featuring popular news anchor Nikos Hatzinikolaou, morning show host Terrence Quick and controversial but popular investigative reporter Makis Triantafyllopoulos. Alter also airs the award-winning program Fos Sto Tounel, a program that tracks down missing persons. It also features a strong lineup of children's programming that airs daily.


Alter Channel launched in 1996 as 'Channel 5'. In a transitional period (it was co-owned at that second period by 'Altec' and 'Kouris Media Group') it was named Alter 5 and on 27 October 2000 it re-branded yet again this time as Alter Channel. It features programs from all over the world. The programming lineup consists of children's shows, documentaries and films. It also has produced its own programs mainly talk shows and news/current affairs programs. Cartoons are broadcast in the mornings. Alter broadcasts the Greek versions of Toei Animation's Digimon and the United Kingdom's Bob the Builder, etc. Greek programming includes Alter Eideseis (Alter News Bulletin), which is shown at 2PM, 7:30PM and midnight.

Alter logo

The Alter logo (lasted for just one year) rotates at the 360 as a whirlpool. The logo colors were blue starting from the bottom and red starting at the top. Alter with capital letters was part of the logo shown at the bottom. Today Alter Channel uses the word 'Alter' as its logo.


Alter Channel recently overhauled its lineup, restructuring it into programming blocks- Morning, Noon, Afternoon and Night. The morning block features mainly children's programs as well as current affairs and news. The Noon programming block has current affairs and entertainment shows. During the evening Alter broadcasts various serials and the main nightly newscast. At night programming consists mainly of serials (comedies & dramas) the hit comedy show 'Mitsikosta' and the award-winning show 'Fos Sto Tounel'


Current programs include:

  • Alter Εidiseis - Daily newscast with all the latest headlines from Greece and around the world, at 9:30am, 12:30pm and 6:45pm. With updates at 4:45pm and 11pm.
  • Fos Sto Tounel - Informative series that focuses on finding missing persons. It has been on the air for 11 years and has won numerous awards. Hosted by Ageliki Nikolouli.
  • H Ellada Paizei - Variety show full of surprises and entertainment with viewers competing in games for a chance to win cash and prizes. Lots of laughs, with singing and dancing as well as informative and practical information for solving everyday problems. Hosted by Marietta Chrousala, airs weekdays at 10am.
  • Kalimera Me Ton Terence - Morning show that features a look at domestic and international news headlines, discussion on key social issues and a look at the various newspaper headlines. Hosted by Terrence Quick, airs Monday - Friday at 6am.
  • Koitao Brosta (I look ahead) - Talkshow that features discussion on personal issues affecting the various invited guests. Problems are analyzed and solutions offered with the help of a clinical psychologist who is in-studio. Hosted by Rania Thraskia, airs weekday afternoons at 5:15pm.
  • Οi Pyles Tou Anexhgitou- Informative discussion that examines issues and events that remain unsolved, a look at the unexplained. With the help of leading scientists, researchers and specialized teams, the program sheds light on the travels of the soul, issues from the archives of science that were labelled as 'unexplained' and on messages from the past and the future. Hosted by Kostas Xardavellas, airs Saturdays at 11:30pm.
  • Poly Bla Bla - A show targeted at the younger generation with an entertaining and informative topics including a look at all the latest gossip from the world of showbiz, fashion tips, games & contests, strange news stories from around the world and helpful advice for viewers & audience members regarding the problems they face in their lives. Hosted by Fay Skorda, with Tania Makri and Tasos Roussos.
  • Stin Kouzina - Cooking show hosted by Stamatina Tsimtsili, featuring top chefs from Athens.
  • TV Weekend - Entertainment series that features gossip, news about the stars, and all the happenings from the world of show biz. Hosted by Vasia Loi, airs Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.
  • Ta Paratragouda - Entertainment and popular series that features various guests who wish to air their problems (whether real or fake). From those who want a shot at stardom to those looking for a love connection, this program has it all. Under the watchful eye of the audience, at the end of the show someone wins the 'big prize'. The show promises surprises, new games, countless gifts and much more. Hosted by Annita Pania, airs Saturday & Sunday at 4:15pm.
  • Τo Party Tis Zois Sou - Entertainment show featuring distinguished personalities from politics, the arts and show biz get together and celebrate, reminisce about old times, talk about their lives and experiences. Full of fun, song and dance. Hosted by Akis Paulopoulos, airs Sunday at 9pm.
  • Zougla and Kitrinos Typos - Long time favourites with Greek viewers, these talk shows focus on current affairs and gets to the bottom of issues that dominate the headlines. Hosted by Makis Triantafilopoulos. Zougla airs Thursdays at 11:15pm & Kitrinos Typos airs Mondays at 11:15pm. (returns to Alter Channel after a stint at Alpha TV; was also broadcast on Antenna TV in the past)


  • 2001-2002 - Alter was launched to make room for a probability of popularity trying to compete with other Greek networks being the top 10 channel.
  • 2002 - Alter Eidiseis (Alter News Bulletin) peaks at 250,000, surpassing almost any channel but Star, being the #1 news broadcast.
  • 2002 (September) - Alter moves the news programming from 6PM Balkan-Nile (GMT+2) (5PM Cen. Europe-Cen. Africa Time/GMT+1) to an hour and twenty minutes later to compete with other channels, and probably replace ANT1 news schedules, Star Channel did the same.)
  • 2003 (October) - Head of Alter and Tempo were fired.
  • 2005 - Alter launches Alter Globe, an international service featuring the best of Alter in North America (Aug. 24) on Dish Network and Australia (December) on UBI World TV.
  • 2007 - Alter Globe was removed from the Dish Network platform in the US on August 31, 2007, and debuted on rival platform DirecTV on September 26, 2007.

Alter Globe

Alter Globe is the international network of Alter Channel that broadcasts 'the best of Alter' to audiences in North America and Australia. The channel launched in August 2005 in the USA on Dish Network and in December 2005 in Australia on UBI World TV. Alter Globe operates on a 24-hour schedule. In September 2007 it switched platforms in the USA from Dish Network to DirecTV.

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