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The Aloof

The Aloof were a British alternative / pop / electronica supergroup, mixing electronic and dance elements with dub influences. They were active during the 1990s and released four full-length albums. Two members of The Aloof - Burns and Kooner - were also members of electronic group The Sabres of Paradise. Their drummer Richard Thair went on to join the band Red Snapper.

On the day of the death of Diana Princess of Wales, BBC Radio 1 played the haunting instrumental "The Last Stand" (an extended instrumental version of "One Night Stand") every 30 minutes for several hours. Both tracks appeared on the "Sinking" album, East West Records, 1996.

The man behind the unique vocals, Ricky Barrow, sang on all tracks but two of Luke Slater's excursion into techno-pop "Alright On Top", Mute Records 2002.

Four unreleased tracks recorded last year have been made availaible for listening and downloading on their MySpace page; "The Only Art I Know", "It's Not The Same", "Dover" and "Brighter Than The Sun". There is however no information regarding a new release, to date.




  • 1991 "Never Get Out The Boat"
  • 1991 "Scooter / The World As One"
  • 1992 "On A Mission" (UK #64)
  • 1992 "Purity"
  • 1992 "Purity (Remixes)"
  • 1994 "Agent O"
  • 1994 "Cover The Crime"
  • 1994 "Mind"
  • 1994 "Society / Drum (Live Mix)"
  • 1995 "Favelas" UK #129
  • 1995 "Stuck on the Shelf" UK #193
  • 1996 "Wish You Were Here..." UK #61, UK #43 (1997 re-mix)
  • 1996 "One Night Stand" UK #30
  • 1997 "Sinking" UK #146
  • 1998 "What I Miss the Most" UK #70
  • 1999 "Infatuated" UK #136
  • 2000 "Doing It for the Money" UK #191

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