Mushroom 25 Live

Mushroom 25 Live is a compilation album, Video and DVD of performance by various Australian musicians and was recorded live at the Mushroom 25 Concert held in Saturday 14 November 1998, Melbourne Cricket Ground.From the early afternoon until late at night, the biggest names in Australian music appear to perform their hits.

The VHS comparises of 3 Videos. The DVD is a double disc set in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. With a running time of almose six hours and featuring deluxe Digipak packaging.

Audio - Dolby Digital 5.1 Regions - 1,2,3,4,5,6.Disc Format - 2 x DVD9 .Disc One: 174 Minutes. Disc Two: 166 Minutes. Rated ‘E’

DVD Track listing - Disc One

  1. "Delicious", MOLER
  2. "Pressure Sway", MACHINATIONS
  3. "No Say In It", MACHINATIONS
  4. "Change In Mood", SCOTT CARNE
  5. "Die Yuppie Die", PAINTERS & DOCKERS
  6. "Divi Van", PAINTERS & DOCKERS
  7. "Time Bomb", NICK BARKER
  8. "Stuck On You", PAUL NORTON
  9. "Play The Game", WENDY STAPLETON
  10. "Mighty Rock", STARS
  11. "Soul Kind Of Feeling", DYNAMIC HEPNOTICS featuring ROBERT SUSZ
  12. "Green Limousine", THE BADLOVES
  13. "Black And Blue", CHAIN
  14. "I Remember When I Was Young", CHAIN
  15. "Where Are You Now?", JUNO ROXAS
  16. "Suburban Boy", DAVE WARNER
  17. "Don't Fall In Love", THE FERRETS featuring BILLY MILLER
  18. "A Tale They Won't Believe", WEDDINGS PARTIES ANYTHING
  20. "Hard Land", CHRIS WILSON
  21. "I Can't Stand The Rain", WILSON DIESEL
  22. "Love Comes Easy", VIKA AND LINDA
  23. "Goodbye Lollipop", MADDER LAKE
  24. "12 lb Toothbrush", MADDER LAKE
  25. "Wanna Be Up", CHANTOOZIES
  26. "Out Of Mind Out Of Sight", JAMES FREUD
  27. "Apple Eyes", SWOOP
  28. "Goosebumps", CHRISTIE ALLEN
  29. "(Everybody Wants To) Work", UNCANNY X-MEN
  30. "This Is It", DANNII MINOGUE
  31. "All I Wanna Do", DANNII MINOGUE
  32. "Cry", THE MAVIS'S
  33. "Naughty Boy", THE MAVIS'S
  34. "It's Only The Beginning", DEBORAH CONWAY
  35. "Madame Butterfly Is In Trouble", DEBORAH CONWAY
  36. "Took The Children Away", ARCHIE ROACH with RUBY HUNTER
  37. " Last Ditch Cabaret", MARK SEYMOUR
  38. "Holy Grail", MARK SEYMOUR

DVD Track listing - Disc Two

  1. "Ghost Ships", CHRIS BAILEY
  2. "Just Like Fire Would", CHRIS BAILEY
  3. "Wide Open Road", CHRIS BAILEY with PAUL KELLY
  4. "Heading In The Right Direction", Renée Geyer
  5. "It's A Man's Man's World", Renée Geyer
  6. "Strangers on a Train", THE SPORTS
  7. "Who Listens To The Radio", THE SPORTS
  8. "Stand Up", MICK MOLLOY
  9. "Happy Man", SUNNYBOYS
  10. "Alone With You SUNNYBOYS
  11. "Medley : Celebration . What Do I Have to Do? . Step Back in Time Wouldn't Change a Thing . Turn It Into Love . Confide in Me . Too Far Shocked . Never Too Late . Did It Again . Hand on Your Heart Better the Devil You Know . Celebration", KYLIE MINOGUE
  12. "Looking For An Echo", OL' 55
  13. "On The Prowl", OL' 55
  14. "Leaps And Bounds", PAUL KELLY
  15. "To Her Door", PAUL KELLY
  16. "Throw Your Arms Around Me", MARK SEYMOUR and KATE CEBERANO
  17. "Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy", BILLY THORPE
  18. "Ooh Poo Pah Doo", BILLY THORPE
  19. "Run To Paradise", CHOIRBOYS
  20. "Tucker's Daughter", IAN MOSS
  21. "Pash", KATE CEBERANO
  22. "Mysterious Girl", PETER ANDRE
  23. "It's Alright", DENI HINES
  24. "Even When I'm Sleeping", LEONARDO'S BRIDE
  25. "No Aphrodisiac", THE WHITLAMS
  26. "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place", THE ANGELS
  27. "Dogs Are Talking", THE ANGELS
  28. "Driving Wheels", JIMMY BARNES
  29. "Lay Down Your Guns", JIMMY BARNES
  30. "Lover Lover", JIMMY BARNES
  31. "Working Class Man", JIMMY BARNES
  32. "The Loved One", JIMMY BARNES with INXS
  33. "Good Times", JIMMY BARNES with INXS
  34. "Good Times", (Reprise) Ensemble

CD Track listing

  1. "Leaps and Bounds" – Paul Kelly
  2. "It's a Man's Man's World – Renée Geyer
  3. "Love Comes Easy" – Vika and Linda
  4. "This Is It" – Dannii Minogue
  5. "Medley: "Celebration"/"What Do I Have to Do?"/"Step Back in Time"/"Wouldn't Change a Thing"/"Turn It Into Love"/"Confide in Me"/"Too Far"/"Shocked"/"Never Too Late"/"Did It Again"/"Hand on Your Heart"/"Better the Devil You Know"/"Celebration" – Kylie Minogue
  6. "Mysterious Girl" – Peter Andre
  7. "It's Alright" – Deni Hines
  8. "Even When I'm Sleeping" – Leonardo's Bride
  9. "Tucker's Daughter" – Ian Moss
  10. "No Aphrodisiac" – The Whitlams
  11. "Dogs Are Talking" – The Angels
  12. "Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy" – Billy Thorpe
  13. "Lover Lover" – Jimmy Barnes
  14. "Good Times" – Jimmy Barnes and INXS

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