[ahl-muh-tyefsk; Russ. uhl-mye-tyifsk]

Almetyevsk (Альме́тьевск; Älmät/Әлмәт), also spelled Almat and Elmet, is a city in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, located on the left bank of the Zay River (Kama's tributary). Population: 77,000 (1969); 49,000 (1959).

Almetyevsk is one of the youngest cities in Tatarstan. It was founded as an oil-processing settlement and then turned into town in 1953. Almetyevsk is an important center of the Russian oil industry. The Druzhba pipeline starts in Almetyevsk. Pipelines to Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, and Subkhankulovo also start in this city.


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