Trichiasis is a medical term for ingrown eyelashes. This can be caused by infection, inflammation, autoimmune conditions, and trauma such as burns or eyelid injury.

Standard treatment involves destruction of the affected eyelashes with electrology, specialized laser, or surgery.

Trichiasis in dogs is hair from the eyelid growing in the wrong direction and rubbing on the eye, causing irritation. It usually occurs at the lateral upper eyelid, especially in the English Cocker Spaniel. Trichiasis also refers to hair from a nasal fold rubbing on the eye. This type of trichiasis can be flattened by rubbing petroleum jelly onto it, but surgery is sometimes necessary for permanent correction.


Posterior misdirection of normal lashes. most frequently affects lower lid. complications:Inferior punctate epitheliopathy.Corneal ulceration and pannus.

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