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Love Is All There Is

Love Is All There Is is a 1996 romantic comedy film directed by Joseph Bologna and Renee Taylor, who also both star in the movie.


Love Is All There Is is a modern retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story. It is set in the Bronx during the 1990s. The Cappamezzas (Lainie Kazan and Joseph Bologna), Bronx-born Sicilians, own a local catering business. They develop a bitter rivalry with the pretentious Malacicis (Paul Sorvino and Barbara Carrera), recent immigrants from Florence and owners of a fine Italian restaurant.

The Cappamezzas' son, Rosario, (Nathaniel Marston) falls in love with the Malacicis' daughter, Gina, (Angelina Jolie) after she replaces the obese star of the neighborhood church's staging of Romeo and Juliet. The rivalry intensifies after Rosario deflowers Gina after a fight with her parents.


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