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We Are All on Drugs

"We Are All on Drugs" is the second single from Weezer's 2005 album, Make Believe. Contrary to popular belief, the song is not specifically about drugs. Rather, Rivers Cuomo claims that it is more generally about the over-stimulated society addicted to the internet, gambling, drugs and relationships.

Many listeners believe its verse structure is reminiscent of the diarrhea song.

Mixing errors

The song went into mixing with two of the wrong lines, "I want to confiscate some drugs, I don't think I can get enough", and was eventually released that way on early printings of the album, and on published sheet music, but was replaced on future printings (as well as on the CD single) with "I want to reach a higher plane, where things will never be the same."

Music Videos

There are two music videos for the song, with one featuring the song playing over a re-edited version of Grim Reaper's 1985 video "Fear No Evil," and the other focusing on Rivers Cuomo wandering through a world entirely on drugs. The latter video was directed by Justin Francis. The video was the most complex shoot in Weezer history, spanning two days, having various actors, special effects and at one point according to Brian Bell, nearly being shut down by the police.

"We Are All in Love"

MTV's edit of the song, which changes the song to "We Are All in Love," has angered many fans of the band. Patrick Wilson originally suggested having the radio edit be "We Are All on Hugs," Cuomo thought it was too "quirky." Brian Bell suggested the "in love" edit and so it stood Despite this edit the headline "WE ARE ALL ON DRUGS" still remains on the newspaper Cuomo reads at the barber shop in the music video.

Cuomo's story behind the inspiration for "We Are All on Drugs"

"I was living in an apartment above the Sunset Strip, and every Friday and Saturday night I’d hear people cruising and partying, and hooting and hollering. And I went to sleep one night and I heard those sounds all through the night, in my dreams. I had this dream about a kid on the Metro bus, blasting hip hop into his brain through his headphones. And the music sounded so decadent and overstimulating, and I woke up in the midst of that dream, in a haze, and immediately said to myself, “Man, we’re all on drugs!” And I instantly knew that would be a cool song."

Despite all songwriting credits going to Cuomo, Brian Bell wrote the intro.

Track listing

UK Retail 7" (Pink Vinyl)

  1. "We Are All on Drugs"
  2. "Beverly Hills" (Urbanix Mix)

UK Retail CD

  1. "We Are All on Drugs"
  2. "Beverly Hills" (Urbanix Mix)
  3. "Burndt Jamb" (Live)
  4. "We Are All on Drugs" (CD-ROM Video)

The video featured on the CD is the song playing over a re-edited version of Grim Reaper's 1985 video "Fear No Evil"


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