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All Envy Aside

All Envy Aside, formerly known as Envy, is a five-piece rock band formed in Platteville, Wisconsin, USA, in 2001. The band came to national attention after winning MTVu's Best Band on Campus competition in January 2006. Shortly after winning the contest, the group was signed to a deal with Universal Records, re-recorded a new single ("Burning Again") and released a music video which was featured on MTVu's website. On May 31, 2007 AEA website reported that the band is on a "indefinite hiatus" and continued to thank their fans for years of support.

All Envy Aside has also released its own full-length role playing video game, Envy RPG: Quest for a Bassist, featuring the members of the band as characters.

The Beginnings

All Envy Aside formed in Platteville, Wisconsin by Jaek Pachniak (guitar) and Dan Faherty (guitar) during the winter of 2001. They were sophomores attending UW-Platteville. They added fellow student's Chris Wolf (bass), Dan Moris (drums), and Amanda Tvedt (vocals) and began practicing in the basement of Dobson Hall in January 2002.

In September 2002, the band's bassist, Chris Wolf, left the band for personal reasons. This marked the first of several bass player changes that has plagued the band over time.

All Envy Aside has announced on their MySpace that they are on a hiatus.

Band Line-up & Name Changes

All Envy Aside has had five bassists with the band during its history. Chris Wolf (2002), Nick Fry (2002-2003), Kris Klassy (2003-2004), PJ Pachniak (2005-2006), and Brian Ray (2006-present). Each person left the band for entirely different sets of reasons. The band's seemingly ever changing face at bass guitar was satirized by the band itself with the release of the video game Envy RPG: Quest for a Bassist.

The band's original drummer, Dan Moris, was with the band since its inception in 2002 until 2005, when the band moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was replaced by current drummer Nic Fugate.

The band was originally named Envy, a name chosen on the spur of the moment before taking the stage before their first gig. They played under that name until signing with Universal Records. The band's name was changed to All Envy Aside in 2006 as there was already an established hardcore/screamo band from Japan named Envy.

MTVu's Best Music on Campus Winner

All Envy Aside, known then as Envy, submitted their song "Burning Again" (from the 'Message For the Blind' album) to MTVu's Best Music on Campus competition in 2005. The band had already gained some notoriety with the song when it was featured as's Track of the Day on January 29th, 2006. "Burning Again" made the website's Top 10 entries by MTVu's panel vote. Then, the band won the contest after two rounds of public online voting.

After the video for "Burning Again" was released, it spent four weeks atop MTVu's Dean's List for favorite new songs.


Identity Crisis

Message For the Blind

All Envy Aside (EP)

Video Game: Envy RPG: Quest for a Bassist

The video game Envy RPG: Quest for a Bassist included a reference to known Wisconsin chef Greg Weeden appearing as Iron Chef Greg.



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