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Alive with the Glory of Love

"Alive with the Glory of Love" is the first single off of Say Anything's second album …Is a Real Boy. An "Intense and oddly uplifting rocker about a relationship torn by the Holocaust", the song is actually semi-biographical in nature telling about songwriter and vocalist Max Bemis's grandparents who were Holocaust survivors. It talks about their lives in the ghetto, in hiding, and in the camps. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bemis said: "I thought about what it would be like to be in love and be separated from the person you love, because these times are just as dire in a way. Anything can happen, in a war and terrorist attacks and cynicism and all these actors who oppose love."

Track listing

7" record

  1. "Alive with the Glory of Love" - 4:15
  2. "We Will Erase All Life on Earth but Us" - 3:42

Digital single

  1. "Alive with the Glory of Love" - 4:02 (Radio Edit)

Chart positions

Chart Peak
U.S. Billboard Modern Rock Tracks 28


  • "Alive with the Glory of Love" is also featured in the professional snowboarder Marco Smolla's section on the DVD Prediculous.
  • "Alive with the Glory of Love" is also featured in the Scrubs episode "My Point of No Return".
  • The video for "Alive with the Glory of Love" is shown playing on a television in Bridge to Terabithia in the Aarons family's house.


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