algorithmic program

Ehud Shapiro

Ehud Shapiro (אהוד שפירא; born 1955) is an Israeli computer scientist. He received his Ph.D from Yale for his dissertation entitled "Algorithmic Program Debugging" which was an ACM distinguished dissertation for 1982. He has been an exponent of the Prolog computer language and logic programming in general. In recent years, he has worked on developing a DNA-based computer. His research group produced one capable of diagnosing cancer in cells and releasing drug molecules in response. In the 2004 "Scientific American 50", he was named Research Leader in Nanotechnology. In 2007, he led a team in his lab in the Biological Chemistry, and Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics Departments at the Weizmann Institute of Science that developed a new disease model to explain the progression of Huntington's Disease and similar trinucleotide repeat disorders. The team's computer simulations accurately predict age of onset and the way the disease will progress in an individual, based on the number of repeats of a genetic mutation.

He has worked at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel since 1982.


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