Alfred Edgar Coppard

Alfred Edgar Coppard

Coppard, Alfred Edgar, 1878-1957, English author. Almost entirely self-educated, he worked at several clerical positions. His tales, written in a poetic and fanciful vein, include Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (1921), Nixey's Harlequin (1931), and Dark-eyed Lady (1947). He also wrote lyric verse that includes Hips and Haws (1922), Pelagea (1926), and Cherry Ripe (1935).

See his collected tales (1948).

Alfred Edgar Coppard (January 4 1878January 13 1957) was an English writer, noted for his influence on the short story form, and poet. He was born, the son of a tailor and a housemaid, in Folkestone, and had little formal education. He left school at the age of nine to work as an errand boy for a Jewish trouser maker in Whitechapel during the period of the Jack-the-Ripper murders.

In the early 1920s, and still unpublished, he was in Oxford and a leading light of a literary group, the New Elizabethans, who met in a pub to read Elizabethan drama. W. B. Yeats sometimes attended the meetings. At this period he met Richard Hughes and Edgell Rickword, amongst others.


  • Adam & Eve & Pinch Me (collection) 1921
  • Clorinda Walks in Heaven (collection) 1922
  • Hips and Haws (poetry collection) 1922
  • The Black Dog and Other Stories (collection) 1923
  • Fishmonger's Fiddle: Tales (collection) 1925
  • The Field of Mustard (collection) 1926
  • Yokohoma Garland & Other Poems (poetry collection) 1926
  • Pelaga & Other Poems (poetry collection) 1926
  • "Count Stefan" (individual story) 1928
  • Silver Circus (collection) 1928
  • The Collected Poems OF A. E. Coppard (poetry collection) 1928
  • "The Gollan" (individual story) 1929
  • "The Higgler" (individual story) 1930
  • "Easter Day" (individual poem) 1931
  • "These Hopes of Heaven" (individual poem) 1934
  • Cherry Ripe, Poems (poetry collection) 1935
  • "The Man From Kilsheelan" (individual story) 1920
  • "Pink Furniture" (individual story) 1930
  • "The Hundredth Story of A. E. Coppard" (individual story) 1931
  • Nixey's Harlequin (collection) 1931
  • Fare Please! (collection) 1931
  • "Cheefoo" (individual story) 1932
  • Crotty Shinkwin and the Beauty Spot (two stories) 1932
  • "Rummy, That Noble Game" (individual story) 1932
  • Dunky Fitlow (collection) 1933
  • Ring the Bells of Heaven (collection) 1933
  • "Emergency Exit" (individual story) 1934
  • "Good Samaritan" (individual story) 1934
  • Pink Furniture (collection) 1935
  • Polly Oliver (collection) 1935
  • Ninepenny Flute (collection) 1937
  • "Tapster's Tapestry" (individual story) 1938
  • You Never Know, Do You? (collection) 1939
  • Ugly Anna (collection) 1944
  • Fearful Pleasures (collection) 1946
  • Selected Tales (collection) 1946
  • The Dark Eyed Lady - Fourteen Tales (collection) 1947
  • "A Carol" (individual poem) 1947
  • Collected Tales (collection) 1948
  • Lucy in Her Pink Coat (collection) 1954
  • It's Me, O Lord! (autobiography) 1957
  • Selected Stories (collection) 1972
  • The Collected Tales of A. E. Coppard (collection) 1976
  • Simple Day: Selected Poems (poetry collection) 1978
  • The Higgler and Other Stories (collection) 1991
  • The Man from the Caravan and Other Stories (collection) 1999
  • Father Raven and Other Tales (collection) 2006

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