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Cypress Semiconductor Corporation is a Silicon Valley-based semiconductor design and manufacturing company founded by T. J. Rodgers and others from Advanced Micro Devices. It was formed in 1982 with backing by Sevin Rosen and went public in 1986. The company initially focused on the design and development of high speed CMOS SRAMs, EEPROMs, PAL devices, and TTL logic devices. Two years after going public the company switched from the NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange where it continues to trade under the symbol (). Its headquarters are in San Jose, California, and it has divisions in the United States, India and the Philippines as well as fabs in Minnesota and Texas.

Some its main competitors include Integrated Device Technology, Samsung Electronics, and Xilinx.

Acquisition strategy

Since its founding, Cypress has sought to unleash entrepreneurial forces by acting as incubator for wholly owned subsidiaries which are given a degree of autonomy; or by outright acquisition of other small technology companies. Since the mid-1990s these acquisitions have included:

  • PSoC
    • Programmable System on a Chip.
  • Timing Technology:
    • IC Works
    • International Microcircuits Inc.
  • USB Technology:
    • Anchor Chips
    • In-System Design
    • ScanLogic
  • SRAM Technology:
    • Galvantech, Inc.
    • Cascade Semiconductor Corporation
    • Simtek
  • Radio Frequency Technology:
    • RadioCom
    • Alation
  • Solar Cell Technology
  • Image Sensors
    • Silicon Light Machines
    • FillFactory
    • SMaL Camera Technologies(Sold to Sensata Technologies in 2007)
  • Network Technology
    • Silicon Packets
    • Lara Networks
    • HiBand Semiconductors

In addition, Cypress has incorporated some of its technology into subsidiaries, in order to speed up development of such products as the PSoC mixed-signal controller, which is a programmable system-on-chip (SoC) that integrates a microcontroller and the analog and digital components that typically surround it in an embedded system.

Major product offerings


Cypress has manufacturing plants and design facilities in the United States, the Philippines, Belgium, Bangalore and Hyderabad in India, and in Ireland.

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