Prix Saint-Alary

The Prix Saint-Alary is a Group 1 flat horse race in France open to three-year-old thoroughbred fillies. It is run over a distance of 2,000 metres (approximately 1¼ miles) at Longchamp Racecourse and takes place annually in May.

It was first run in 1960 and was named in honour of Evremond de Saint-Alary (1868–1941), a leading racehorse owner and breeder in France.

The race is a trial for the Prix de Diane, which usually takes place three weeks later at Chantilly. Nine fillies have won both races, including Indian Skimmer, to date the only foreign trained winner of the Prix Saint-Alary.


Leading jockey (9 wins):

  • Freddy HeadTidra (1967), Pistol Packer (1971), Riverqueen (1976), Reine de Saba (1978), Three Troikas (1979), Harbour (1982), Fitnah (1985), Lacovia (1986), Treble (1991)

Leading trainer (7 wins):

  • André FabreGrise Mine (1984), Rosefinch (1992), Intrepidity (1993), Moonlight Dance (1994), Muncie (1995), Luna Wells (1996), Vadawina (2005)

Leading owner (4 wins):

  • HH Aga Khan IVCervinia (1963), Behera (1989), Zainta (1998), Vadawina (2005)

Winners since 1979

1979 Three Troikas Freddy Head Criquette Head Ghislaine Head 2:04.9
1980 Paranete Alfred Gibert Mitri Saliba Mahmoud Fustok 2:04.8
1981 Tootens Georges Doleuze E. Bartholomew Cora Lynch 2:15.1
1982 Harbour Freddy Head Criquette Head Ecurie Aland 2:20.1
1983 Smuggly Alain Badel Olivier Douieb E. Seltzer 2:19.7
1984 Grise Mine Yves Saint-Martin André Fabre Baron Guy de Rothschild 2:12.2
1985 Fitnah Freddy Head Criquette Head Miss H. Al Maktoum 2:04.7
1986 Lacovia Freddy Head François Boutin Gerry Oldham 2:06.7
1987 Indian Skimmer Steve Cauthen Henry Cecil Sheikh Mohammed 2:10.1
1988 Riviere d'Or Gary W. Moore Criquette Head Jacques Wertheimer 2:05.2
1989 Behera Alain Lequeux Alain de Royer-Dupré HH Aga Khan IV 2:02.1
1990 Air de Rien Alain Badel Myriam Bollack-Badel Jacques Berès 2:04.0
1991 Treble Freddy Head Criquette Head Edward L. Stephenson 2:08.4
1992 Rosefinch Steve Cauthen André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 2:05.0
1993 Intrepidity Thierry Jarnet André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 2:04.8
1994 Moonlight Dance Thierry Jarnet André Fabre Daniel Wildenstein 2:08.3
1995 Muncie Olivier Peslier André Fabre Daniel Wildenstein 2:08.7
1996 Luna Wells Thierry Jarnet André Fabre Jean-Luc Lagardère 2:13.6
1997 Brilliance Olivier Peslier Pascal Bary Ecurie Skymarc Farm 2:09.1
1998 Zainta Gérald Mossé Alain de Royer-Dupré HH Aga Khan IV 2:03.2
1999 Cerulean Sky Sylvain Guillot Robert Collet Richard C. Strauss 2:06.3
2000 Reve d'Oscar Alain Badel Myriam Bollack-Badel Mrs Guy de Châtelperron 2:08.0
2001 Nadia Dominique Boeuf Carlos Laffon-Parias Maktoum Al Maktoum 2:08.6
2002 Marotta Thierry Jarnet Richard Gibson Antoinette Oppenheimer 2:03.0
2003 Fidelite Olivier Peslier Criquette Head-Maarek Wertheimer et Frère 2:06.3
2004 Ask for the Moon Ioritz Mendizabal Jean-Claude Rouget Jean-Pierre Dubois 2:05.1
2005 Vadawina Christophe Soumillon André Fabre HH Aga Khan IV 2:02.8
2006 Germance Ioritz Mendizabal Jean-Claude Rouget Nelson Radwan 2:05.1
2007 Coquerelle Christophe Lemaire Jean-Claude Rouget Ecurie des Monceaux 2:11.1
2008 Belle et Celebre Christophe Lemaire Alain de Royer-Dupré Mrs Gilles Forien 2:10.0

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