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Revue Thommen

Revue Thommen is a Swiss watch and aviation instrumentation manufacturer, originally established 1853 as Waldenburg clock and watch making company. Revue Thommen watch trademark is now operated by Grovana Watch Co since 2001.

After merge with Vulcain watch company, Revue Thommen re-produced the "president watch" in 1997, from the original Cricket made in 1951. It was considered one of the first alarm watches ever made. Hamilton Watch Company produced watches using the Cricket ebauche.

Modern collections made now by the Grovana establishment, include Airspeed pilot watches, Le Club dress watches, Open Heart skeletons, Wallstreet and others.

Vulcain and Cricket watch brands are now (since 2001) owned by PMH SA, Le Locle and such trade names cannot be used by the current Grovana ownership.

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