alarm watch

Rock 'n' Rodent

Rock 'n' Rodent is a 1967 cartoon film directed by Abe Levitow and produced by Chuck Jones.


In Tom and Jerry's penthouse apartment around 10:00 PM, Tom is reading a book and finally yawns and goes to sleep, setting his alarm clock. This, however, is also time for Jerry to get up. The mouse's alarm-watch rings and Jerry showers and grooms himself before setting out for a tiny elevator in the wall. He hears Tom snoring and stops briefly before he enters the elevator and descends to "Le Cellar Smoqué".

When Jerry arrives at the bar, he asks for a martini (mice use cheese instead of an olive), but he only eats the cheese. Jerry begins playing drums in a bar band. An old mouse, who fans have named Hilda, screams as the music starts. The scream startles a young mouse, who looks like he could be drunk (Pierre). Then, Hilda's her purple hair starts dancing, her hair has been named Charlene. The loud jazz causes Tom, attempting to sleep upstairs, to plug his ears, but this still doesn't work. Tom is bounced along the floor and seems to be attracted to the elevator: he opens the doors all by himself. He then covers it with a pillow, but the music is too loud, so the pillow explodes and Tom crashes into the wall. He finally loses it, so he inserts a water hose into the elevator shaft, and turns it on. His smug laugh is interrupted by a large dog grabbing him and throwing him into a room - the one that actually got flooded.

Tom, sopping wet, manages to escape and return to his room, until he gets another idea. He opens a grate in the wall and brings a box of tools down with him to under the cellar. Tom listens for the music and then cuts a hole in the floor, but instead of sucking up Jerry with his plunger, he gets a small radio. The dog grabs the cord and confronts the cat. He does an uppercut which causes Tom to crash through the floor of each of the floors until he lands precisely in his basket. Tom starts sobbing beneath closed eyelids, his eyes now purple.

Tom plugs his ears, wraps up his entire face, and goes to bed, but soon he fails to hear any music. He pops out of his isolation and finds he can hear a pin drop! Jerry walks into the room, tired, and turns off the light and goes back to bed. So does Tom, but soon the alarm clock rings, waking both cat and mouse up again. Jerry signals for Tom to be quiet, but Tom cannot seem to turn off the alarm clock. Eventually, he goes insane and bursts a hole in the wall out and storms out of the building through the wall. Jerry shrugs and dances back into his hole.

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