Akita, city (1990 pop. 302,362), capital of Akita prefecture, NW Honshu, Japan, on the Sea of Japan. A producer of petroleum products and chemicals, Akito city also has a large port that exports lumber and rice. It became an important feudal town in the 8th cent., and its castle-fort (733) still stands. Akita prefecture (1990 pop. 1,227,491), 4,503 sq mi (11,663 sq km), contains Japan's largest oil field and copper mine, in addition to deposits of sulfur, lead, and manganese. The prefecture's mountains have extensive stands of quality timber, and its fertile lowlands yield crops of rice, tobacco, and fruit. Akita (the capital), Noshiro (the chief port), Tsushisoki, and Yokote are centers of population.
Akita, breed of large dog developed in Japan from ancient ancestry and used originally as a hunter of such game as deer, wild boar, and bear. It stands from 20 to 27 in. (50.8-68.6 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 75 to 110 lb (34.1-49.9 kg). Its double coat consists of a thick, furry underlayer and a medium-length, harsh, straight topcoat which may be any shade of cream, brown, red, gray, black, silver, or brindle. A muscular dog with erect ears and tail curved over its back, the Akita has been used in the 20th cent. as a police and war dog and as a companion and watchdog. It is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and is presently exhibited in the miscellaneous class at the dog shows sanctioned by the American Kennel Club. See dog.

Breed of working dog that originated in the mountains of northern Japan. In 1931 the Japanese government designated the breed as a national treasure. It is a powerful, muscular dog with a broad head, erect pointed ears, and a large curved tail carried over the back or curled against the flank. Colours and markings vary, including all-white, brindle, and pinto. All but the white akitas bear a distinct mask (dark area around the muzzle). Males stand 26–28 in. (66–71 cm) high, females 24–26 in. (60–66 cm).

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is a Japanese name. It may refer to:


  • Akita Prefecture (秋田県), a northern Japanese prefecture on the island of Honshū--
  • Akita, Akita (秋田市), the capital of Akita Prefecture

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