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Miss Earth 2004

Miss Earth 2004 took place at the University of the Philippines Theater in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines on October 24, 2004. Miss Brazil took over from last year’s winner Dania Prince of Honduras.

The 21-year-old medical student from Brazil, Priscilla Meirelles, who stands 5’ 8" and has a 35"-24"-35" figure, won the coveted title, and with her win, Brazil became the first country to capture all of the four major international pageants, namely Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth.

Miss Martinique Murielle Celimene, an 18-year-old student was crowned Miss Air, the pageant’s equivalent to first runner-up. The last two titles— Miss Water and Miss Fire (second and third runners up, respectively) —were won by Miss Tahiti Kahaia Lesage and Miss Paraguay Yanina Gonzalez. Miss Paraguay was early crowd favorite who maintained her composure when she almost fell off the stage after she broke her shoe’s heels after the long gown competition.

The winners were chosen by the 11-man board of judges who included last year’s Miss Earth’s Beauty for a Cause awardee, Vida Samadzai, Noel Lorenzana of Unilever Philippines, Stefan Voogel of Intercontinental Manila, Kit Ti LIan of Avon Color, Lorraine Timbol of Media Arts Systems and Services Co., Regina Paz Lopez of ABS-CBN Foundation, Chin Chin Gutierrez, actress and staunch advocate of environmental concerns, international singer-actor Leo Valdez, Deborah Landey of the United Nations Development Programme, Freddie Garcia of ABS-CBN, and Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Cesar Purisima. Organized and launched in 2001 by Carousel Productions, Miss Earth serves as a catalyst in promoting environmental advocacy worldwide. Its slogan, "Beauties For A Cause".


  • Miss Earth 2004: Priscilla Meirelles de Almeida (Brazil)
  • Runners-up
    • Miss Earth-Air (1st RU): Murielle Celimene (Martinique)
    • Miss Earth-Water (2nd RU): Stéphanie Lesage (Tahiti)
    • Miss Earth-Fire (3rd RU): Yanina González (Paraguay)
  • Finalists
    • Shenevelle Dickson (Australia)
    • Gabriela Zavala Irias (Honduras)
    • Tamera Marie Lagac Szijarto (Philippines)
    • Radchadawan Khampeng (Thailand)
  • Semi-finalists
    • Arwa Gouda (Egypt)
    • Jyoti Brahmin (India)
    • Keren Somech (Israel)
    • Marifely Arguello (Nicaragua)
    • Brigitte Korsvik (Norway)
    • Liesel Holler (Peru)
    • Karolina Gorazda (Poland)
    • Leah Mari Guevara (Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Special Awards
    • Miss Photogenic: Priscilla Meirelles (Brazil)
    • Best National Costume: Gabriela Zavala Irias (Honduras)
    • Miss Friendship: Stephanie Brownell (USA)
    • Miss Talent: Tanya Beatriz Munizaga (Canada)
    • Best in Swimsuit: Yanina González (Paraguay)
    • Best in Long Gown: Stéphanie Lesage (Tahiti)

Winning Answer

Final Question in Miss Earth 2004: On a quiet night, you could hear the sounds of nature talking to you. What do you think is its message, and what would you tell it back? Winning Answer of Miss Earth 2004: “Nature is crying. Love is missing. People don’t respect each other. Other people don’t respect nature and life.” That is why nature is reacting to what people do to her. Love is what would solve to its problem.” Miss Brazil Priscilla Meirelles.

2004 Delegates

  • Vilma Masha

  • Daniela Puig

  • Shenevelle Dickson

  • Ruchika Sharma

  • Muriel Cruz

  • Ana Suton

  • Kristiana Dimitrova

  • Tanya Beatriz Munizaga

  • Myriam Commelin

  • Erika Niklitschek Schmidt

  • Xu Nicole Liu

  • Maria Fernanda Navia

  • Karlota Calderon Brenes

  • Thea Frojkear

  • Nileny Dippton Estevez

  • Maria Luisa Barrios Landivar

  • Arwa Gouda

  • Silvia Gabriela Mejia Cordova

  • Jana Gruft

  • Ferehiyewot Abebe Merkuriya

  • Iida Lattu

  • Audrey Nogues

  • Maame Afua Akyeampong

  • Hannah McCuaig

  • Mirza Odette Garcia

  • Gabriela Zavala Irias

  • Jyoti Brahmin

  • Keren Somech

  • Susan Kaittany

  • Hye-Jin Cho

  • Lana Khattab

  • Natalija Grubovik

  • Eloise Law

  • Murielle Celimene

  • Valentina Cervera Avila

  • Anita Gurung

  • Rachael Tucker

  • Marifely Arguello

  • Ufuoma Stacey Ejenobor

  • Brigitte Korsvik

  • Yanina Alicia González Jorgge

  • Liesel Holler Sotomayor

  • Karolina Gorazda

  • Frederica Santos

  • Shanira Blanco

  • Katarina Hadzipavlovic

  • Nicole Sze Chin Nee

  • Sally Leung

  • Sara Jilena Lundemo

  • Simone Röthlisberger

  • Stéphanie Lesage

  • Angel Wu

  • Sophia Byanaku

  • Radchadawan Khampeng

  • Leah Mari Guevara

  • Stephanie Brownell

  • Katherine Gonzalves Pedrozo

  • Bui Thuy Hanh


  • Miss Earth 2004, Priscilla Meirelles also won the title "Miss Cyberpress Earth 2004" awarded by the website after topping a survey participated in by webmasters in 19 pageant-related web portals.
  • The following candidates partipated at the Miss Universe 2004 pageant before coming to this one: Marifely Arguello of Nicaragua, Liesel Holler of Peru, Silvia Gabriela Mejia Cordova of El Salvador, Ferehiyewot Abebe of Ethiopia, and Yanina González of Paraguay, who was 3rd Runner-up.
  • Bolivia's Muriel Cruz was a semi-finalist at Miss International 2003.
  • Katherine Gonzalves Pedrozo of Uruguay participated in Miss World 1999, Karolina Gorazda of Poland was in Miss World 2003, unplaced, she was a semifinalist in Miss Europe 2005.
  • Some Miss Earth 2004 contestants went on to win minor international titles, Arwa Gouda of Egypt won the title Best Model Of the World, Liesel Holler of Peru was crowned Miss Caraibes Hibiscus, Marifely Arguello of Nicaragua won Miss Expo World and Maria Luisa Barios of Ecuador won the Reina Bolivariana pageant, Priscilla Meirelles de Almeida, Miss Brazil, the winner, was also Miss Globe 2003.
  • Hannah Mccaugh of Great Britain won the Miss International World title before competing in Miss Earth 2004 and Valentina Cervera Avila of Mexico was Reina Mundial Del Mar in 2003 (Queen of International Seas) and competed in the Miss Intercontinental 2003 pageant.

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