Air travel

Air travel

Air travel is a form of travel using an airplane.

The comfort experienced when traveling by air depends on several factors starting with the airport, the choice of the airline and the travel class.

Travel class on an airplane is usually split into a two or four class model. Domestic flights usually have two classes: economy Class cabin and business class cabin, whereas international flights usually have four classes: an economy class cabin, a premium economy cabin, a business class or a club class cabin and finally, a first class cabin.

The differences between premium economy and economy are quite significant, but the cost is not greatly altered by purchasing a premium Economy ticket. The price difference between an economy class ticket and a first class ticket, however, are often extreme.

Most air travel starts and ends at a commercial airport. The typical procedure is check-in, border control, airport security baggage and passenger check before entering the gate, boarding, flying and pick-up of luggage and - limited to international flights - another border control at the host country's border.

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