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The Clean Air Campaign

The Clean Air Campaign is a not-for-profit organization that motivates Georgians to take action to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion.

Formed in 1996 by government, business, civic, health, environmental and educational organizations, The Clean Air Campaign is one of 10 organizations in the metro Atlanta region implementing strategies that improve mobility, also known as transportation demand management (TDM). The Clean Air Campaign also administers and provides marketing support for regional incentive programs that encourage commuters to use commute alternatives such as carpooling, transit, vanpooling, teleworking, biking and walking.

The Clean Air Campaign receives 80 percent of its funding from U.S. Department of Transportation Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds. However, the organization can only receive the federal grant money after 20 percent in matching funds have been raised. For this 20 percent, The Clean Air Campaign relies on sponsorships from corporations, state and local sources.


Commuter Rewards provides financial incentives to commuters who carpool, ride transit, vanpool, telework, bicycle or walk to work. Commuter Rewards includes three programs:

  • Cash for Commuters - This program, started in 2002, offers commuters cash to change their commutes. Participants earn $3 for each day they use a qualified commute alternative within a 90-consecutive day period. Qualified commutes include carpooling, teleworking, walking and biking.
  • Commuter Prizes - Commuter Prizes, introduced in 2005, gives metro Atlantans the opportunity to win prizes for their clean commuting habits. Each month, participants are entered into a random drawing for $25 gift cards. Each clean commute earns an entry into the monthly drawing. Participants are also eligible to win Spotlight Awards, $100 gift cards awarded to commuters who meet certain criteria, such as the highest number of commutes by bicycle or walking, the highest number of monthly reports and more.
  • Carpool Rewards – Registered participants who carpool 15 or more days each month receive a monthly gas card for up to 12 months. Three-person carpools receive a $40 gas card per month and carpools with four or more receive $60 per month. Carpool Rewards was introduced in 2005.

The One Ton Challenge is a regional effort to encourage commuters to use a commute alternative. By not driving alone just one day per week, each metro Atlanta commuter eliminates one ton of air pollution over the course of the year (average roundtrip commute distance in Atlanta (40 miles) x one pound of pollution emitted per mile driven x 52 times a year = 2,080 pounds or one ton). The challenge is designed to show that small actions make a ton of difference.

Better air schools

In 2004, The Clean Air Campaign introduced Better Air Schools, an innovative and comprehensive education outreach program that engages the entire school community. The program is offered to a select group of partner schools in the 20-county metro Atlanta region each year. Partner schools receive free materials, giveaways and creative strategies to address their specific issues. The comprehensive approach combines education with action-oriented projects that seek to reduce car rider traffic and provide everyone in the community with opportunities to be part of the solution - particularly empowering to students!

Key personnel

  • Kevin Green, executive director
  • Brian Carr, communications director
  • Mark Telling, director of finance
  • Mike Williams, program manager


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