Aijeleth Shahar

Aijeleth Shahar

Aijeleth Shahar, superscription of Psalm 22, probably the tune to which it was to be sung, named from the first words of some other verse set to it. Other superscriptions of similar explanation are: Al-taschith (Psalms 57, 58, 59, and 75), Jonath-elem-rechokim (56), Mahalath (53), Mahalath Leannoth (88), Shoshannim (45 and 69), Shoshannim-Eduth (80), and Shushan-eduth (60).

Aijeleth Shahar or Ayelet HaShachar (Hebrew: "hind of the dawn"), a name found in the title of Psalm 22.

It is probably the name of some song or tune to the measure of which the psalm was to be chanted. Some, however, understand by the name some instrument of music, or an allegorical allusion to the subject of the psalm.

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