Ahinoam, in the Bible. 1 A wife of Saul. 2 One of David's early wives.
Ahinoam is a Hebrew name literally meaning brother of pleasantness, thus meaning pleasant. The name is used in the Bible to refer to two individuals:

  • A daughter of Ahimaaz, who became a wife of Saul.
  • A woman from Jezreel, who was captured by David while he was at war with Saul, and became David's wife, and the mother of Amnon.

It is possible for both these women named Ahinoam to be different accounts of the same woman, as the references to a woman called Ahinoam being Saul's wife are all ascribed by textual scholars to the account of the republican source of the Books of Samuel, while in the passages ascribed to the monarchial source, the only mention of a woman called Ahinoam is the description of her as a wife of David.


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