Ahihud, in the Bible, Prince of Asher.
This article is about the moshav. For the Biblical name, see Ahihud (name).
Ahihud is a moshav in the Western Galilee in northern Israel, about 9 km east of Acre. It was founded in 1950. It belongs to the Moshavim Movement and falls within the jurisdiction of the Mateh Asher Regional Council. The name of Ahihud is taken from a Biblical verse: "The leader of the tribe of Asher was Ahihud, son of Shlomi" (Numbers 34:27).

After sources of water enabling the establishment of permanent settlements were discovered in the region, kibbutz Yasur was founded. Its area is 1,800 dunams, and most of its residents are immigrants to Israel from Yemen.

Today (2008) the moshav contains about 170 families in closely packed houses. The nature of the moshav is becoming less agricultural and is changing to a modern industrial work model.

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