Ahava, in the Bible, unidentified place, where Ezra collected one of his expeditions.
Ahava may refer to:

  • the Hebrew word for love (אהבה); usually the word signifies love for each other and for god (eg in judaism)
  • Ahava (company), a cosmeceutical company based in Israel that manufactures skin-care products from the Dead Sea.
  • Ahava river (Aramaic: אהוא) - the river (Ezra 8:21) by the banks of which the Jewish exiles assembled under Ezra when about to return to Jerusalem from Babylon. In all probability this was one of the streams of Mesopotamia which flowed into the Euphrates somewhere in the north-west of Babylonia. It has, however, been supposed to be the name of a place (Ezra 8:15) now called Hit or Tedef, on the Euphrates, east of Aleppo

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