agropyron intermedium


Agropyron is a genus of grasses (family Poaceae), native to Europe and Asia. Species in the genus are commonly referred to as crested-wheat grasses. In North America, species were introduced.

Species and subspecies

  • Agropyron badamense Drobov
  • Agropyron brownei (Kunth) Tsvelev
  • Agropyron bulbosum Boiss.
  • Agropyron calcis (Connor & Molloy)
  • Agropyron cimmericum Nevski
  • Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn.
    • Agropyron cristatum subsp. baicalense
    • Agropyron cristatum subsp. cristatum
    • Agropyron cristatum subsp. kazachstanicum
    • Agropyron cristatum subsp. pectinatum
    • Agropyron cristatum var. pluriforme
    • Agropyron cristatum subsp. ponticum
    • Agropyron cristatum subsp. puberulum
    • Agropyron cristatum subsp. sabulosum
  • Agropyron dasyanthum Ledeb.
  • Agropyron desertorum (Fisch. ex Link) Schult. - Desert Wheatgrass
  • Agropyron deweyi A.Löve.
  • Agropyron fragile (Roth) P. Candargy
  • Agropyron junceiforme - Sand Couch Grass
  • Agropyron krylovianum Schischkin
  • Agropyron michnoi Roshev.
  • Agropyron mongolicum Keng
  • Agropyron praetermissum (Nevski)
  • Agropyron pungens - Sea Couch Grass
  • Agropyron retrofractum Vickery
  • Agropyron subsecundum - Awned Wheatgrass
  • Agropyron tanaiticum~ Nevski
  • Agropyron thomsonii Hook. f.
  • Agropyron uncinatum (Veldk.)
  • Agropyron velutinum~ Nees

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