Agrimonia eupatoria

Agrimonia eupatoria

Agrimonia eupatoria is a species of agrimony that is often referred to as common agrimony, church steeples or sticklewort. The whole plant is dark green with numerous soft hairs. The soft hairs aid in the plant's seed pods sticking to any animal or person coming in contact with the plant. The flower spikes have a spicy odor like apricots.


In folklore

Agrimony has been stated as have medical and magical properties since the time of Pliny the elder. It is ruled astrologically by Cancer, according to Nicholas Culpeper. Common folklore held that it could cure musket wounds, and ward off witchcraft.

In herbal medicine

In traditional herbal medicine it was recommended as a cure for insomnia, often being incorporated in herbal pillows. It was also believed to be able to draw out splinters.

Modern herbalists prescribe it for disorders of the kidneys, liver and bladder. It has diuretic and expectorant properties, and can be used for mild skin complaints such as acne. Not all of these uses have been supported by scientific evidence.

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