Agri-entertainment and agritourism refer to consumer-focused forms of agriculture, in which farms supplement (or replace) their traditional income from the sale of crops to wholesale markets by offering a variety of "entertainment farming" options.

These agri-entertainment options include: pick-your-own operations, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, farm stores, agricultural festivals, and educational activities.

There are three aspects to agri-tourism. The farms have:

  • something for visitors to see.
  • something for them to do.
  • something for them to buy.

Usually, the farms are themed, such as Halloween-related activities (pumpkin patches and corn mazes) or historic recreations (a working farm or mill from the 1800's). Things to see and do are often offered free, but farms still derive a substantial profit by selling food, beverages, and souvenirs to visitors.

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