[ey-gram-uh-tiz-uhm, uh-gram-]
Agrammatism is a form of expressive aphasia that refers to the inability to speak in a grammatically correct fashion. People with agrammatism may have telegraphic speech, a unique speech pattern with simplified formation of sentences (in which many or all function words are omitted), akin to that found in telegraph messages.

Errors made in agrammatism depend on the severity of aphasia. In severe forms language production is severely telegraphic and in more mild to moderate cases necessary elements for sentence construction are missing. Common errors include errors in tense, number, and gender. Patients also find it very hard to produce sentences involving movement of elements, such as passive sentences, Wh questions or complex sentences.

Agrammatism is seen in many brain disease syndromes, including Broca's aphasia and traumatic brain injury.


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